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  1. Here is the updated and expanded version of the article. It clarifies a few things and includes code samples. Stable springs 0.7.3.pdf
  2. h4tt3n

    How To Publish on GameDev.net

  3. h4tt3n

    How To Publish on GameDev.net

    Hello admins,   About two years ago I posted this article about springs in the math & physics section. I am currently rewriting and expanding the article, which is now more focused, has code samples, and includes some clarifications based on reader feedback. Would you recommend that I simply replace the old article with the new one (which has a different title), or that I post it like a new article, for peer review?   Cheers, Mike
  4. h4tt3n

    GDC Social Tips

  5. Hello ColaColin,   At a first quick glance it looks like you are not using the right equation for reduced mass:  Assuming mA and mB are not the inverse masses, 1/(mA+mB) should instead be 1/(1/mA+1/mB) What happens if you set the stiffness and damping coeffs at a very low value? What happens if either stiffness or damping is zero? I am studying Erin's awesome Box2D code, but atm I can't say for sure wether the spring equation is implemented right, or wether it's going to play nicely with the rest of box2d. Could you please explain why you are adding the spring to the prismatic joint, rather than implement it as a stand-alone alternative to the different constraints? Cheers, Mike
  6. Great! It's nice to hear someone found the article useful :-)
  7. @Spookycat   No, I didn't get around to release any source for this. Currently I am working on a follow-up article that explains how to implement an iterative spring with really awesome properties. It is very easy to implement and - as opposed to matrix based constraints - it is very intuitive and easy to understand. There will be a demo app with source released along with the article.    Cheers, Mike
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