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  1. What are you working on?

    Day Job: working on various Museum multimedia things & VR. Side projects: those monthes working on a sampler on raspberry pi (no video to show for now)
  2. Cool! Is there a way to access enemy states ? And how to create global variables to reuse the next steps ?
  3. I like it a lot. Cool graphics and nice to have some "multiplayers feelings".     I think the Galaxy Tab is a bit confusing : Scour / TEC / Destroyers have the "Send" buttons enabled, but I can't send those anywhere. (ex: for TEC it points on empty list) -----> Ok, reading the GUIDE helps a lot ;)
  4. GUI layout algorithms

    For sample, I did this : It ended I no more needed to use x/y pixel coordinates, so the window constructors & things should be refactored..
  5. Coffee 0.4.29

    General Awesome : yeah adblocker & settings may sometimes kill the thing. note that you may need to restart your browser to get the plugin.   CRYP7IK : thanks!
  6. Coffee 0.4.29

      Yes, I sucked doing a nice screenshot. Well... Coffee, the engine, is now free, a single setup gives you access to the whole thing. It's on Google Code with some obscur License. Thanks all for your support, I'll try to release nice things with this SDK. Even with failure, I think the main point is, it's becoming to big for one man...   Anyway, blabla, this awesome project is on   I'll use it to do obscure things as well ;) And yeah, even with restricted features, I enjoy working with it, much better than with Unity. At least I know, and can watch, what I'm doing. Thanks again, see you.
  7. Steam and Metal

    Yeah! remind Empire Of Steel, waiting PC demo as well.
  8. Coffee, the engine 0.0.2

  9. Coffee, the engine 0.0.2

    A bit depressed, but I'm up for the Ludum Dare 28! This will be a messy game with cube-ships and alien-cubes hacking...   edit: oh, and it'll add some little but useful improvements on Coffee as well.
  10. Pokemon Tower Defense

    is this legal?
  11. Abstract Post Processing

    A usual graph + graph editor (could be a second step). The editor is on my roadmap, haven't done it for now.
  12. youtube videos

  13. Have you checked the mipmap visually ? (maybe there is no bilinear support as well, I dont know this directx 11 thing sorry)
  14. some cards doesn't handle mipmap generation for float textures, and some do it on the CPU side (even for non float), you need to generate mipmaps with your on shaders.   (oh and auto generation doesnt work for render targets, havent looked your code through.)