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  1. British Royalty - We're not gonna take it

    Worthless individual and A-Level cheater. Death to all monarchies
  2. Post your freaking pics!

    Funny how every time MindWipe posts a pic of himself, which occurs frequently, there’s always a bottle of booze somewhere in the frame (generally in his hand). I guess it makes him feel more of a man [rolleyes]
  3. The European Dream?

    but you do pay for bread which is scandalous.
  4. The European Dream?

    In france you get inifinite bread! Ok probably not *infinite* but I've never been told "non! you have had enough sir!" and I generally work my way through 2-3 baskets by myself so...
  5. The European Dream?

    good because in England you do (in my experience and I've been to a wide cross section of eateries before I decided it was a waste of my hard earn cash!) and that really pisses me off.
  6. The European Dream?

    do you pay for bread?
  7. The European Dream?

    What's the eating-out situation like in the states? In England I don't eat-out because generally what's on my plate doesn't bear any resemblance to what I'm going to pay for it so I focus my entertainment budget on things that England (I was living in London) can offer me such as cultural activities like theatre and expositions. In France on the other hand I can eat out very well at relatively low cost. What about America (generally speaking obviously as there is a significant size difference!) ?
  8. [UnrealScript] Inconsistency?

    Quote:i have full sources accessYou bastard!
  9. A predicament (things ARE good)

    this smells like an 'oh look at me' post....
  10. when you talk of flyweights you refer to geometry that's rendered often such as enemy characters etc.. One would therefore need to split up mesh and character state right?
  11. Quote:The situation is beginning to bug me seriously. I think I'll just play around with it, under my terms. And if I find a better girl (and older) during this time, then bye bye 17 y.o.Quote:No offense, mindwipe, but that's a really assholish thing to say. Damn you caught me out there! Yeah I think given that quote any talk of maturity's pretty out of place.
  12. girl trouble

    What if she asks you what your name is? Are you going to make up a fake one and then many years of matrimony later pluck up the courage to inform her that she's been living a lie? I wonder how she'll react to than one. Maybe if you did it over IM....
  13. Would you date your friend's little sister?

    Boy this place is turning into a relationship councelling lounge!
  14. girl trouble

    Surely if she would walk away if appraoched then you are totally wasting your time whatever way you choose to do this?
  15. Worst movie of all time - nominations

    Shakespeare was ripping off 'Tristan et Iseut'