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  1. Landscape to fly over

    Thanks for the reply The first one I have covered. My noobness lies with the 2nd one. Since I have no idea how to create one, or even know what an vertex shader is, I guess I need to do some reading first. Any sources/tutorial that can help me with creating landscapes specifically?
  2. Landscape to fly over

    This answer to this question may be long, but I just need bullet points actually. I am an absolute noob when it comes to graphics programming, but to get started all I want to do is to create a 3D landscape that I can "fly" over. What are the steps involved in accomplishing something like that? Thanks!
  3. So, I was wonder what technology/language you people would suggest that would be easy enough for a 12 year-old to learn in order to create simple web games, like space invaders, tetris, etc? If the programming bug bites, I may move him on to XNA, but I want to keep the introduction as simple as could be. Flash? Java? Any other that I am not aware of? Thanks for your time! Tuppe
  4. Select a cell in a grid

    My 10 year old son wants me to write a game with and since I am not very experienced in the area,I would like to have some algorithm advice if anybody can provide it ;) I have a 10 x 10 grid of cells on the screen and I would like each one of them to highlight when the mouse moves over it and of course dim again as the mouse leaves the area. Each cells is an object with member variables x,y,width and height, so I created a list of 100 cell objects, each with the appropriate values in the member variables as needed to display it 10 x 10. The question I have is: Is there an algorithm or some advice some of you gurus can provide me with to effiently determine over which cell the mouse pointer currently is? The only way I can think of doing it, is to traverse through the object list every time and work out if the mouse_x, and mouse_y falls within the boundaries of a cell, but that seems to be such an inefficient way of doing it, because it has to be done every time the mouse moves. Any ideas?
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