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    Local hash

    Seriously? I find this bizzare, have you never used a dynamic language like python, ruby, or lua? These use hash tables idiomatically lots.
  2. Hi there, was wondering if anyone here has managed to get crash reporting working for Android apps using the NDK. I am using the HockeyApp SDK to try to get a stacktrace from a C++ app using Google breakpad. It seems to work great for some devices (samsung, asus), but doesn't work for other vendors. Interested to hear if anyone has got it or anything similar working - maybe crashlytics or similar?
  3. I mean live deployed crash reporting from NDK crashed in apps that users have downloaded from Play store. A common tool is Google Breakpad to parse minidump files and send them to a remote service, then use the unstripped debug symbols to get a useful trace. This is what HockeyApp does, for example. Mozilla have their own equivalent for Firefox. I've been experimenting, and can get good traces from some devices, but for others the dump looks weird - it appears truncated, as if it's not got all the stack frames from my app lib at point of crash. Was wondering if anyone had ecountered similar?
  4. return0

    Can you write mobile games in C++?

    From my experience at tri-Ace, there are no Android NDK (C++) debuggers that work on all devices, only for a limited set of them.And according to the 2nd link you posted, you have to use quite a retarded hack to get breakpoints to work, assuming the device is supported in the first place.L. Spiro At work I have personally debugged a large C++ library on ten or so devices, mostly Asus, Samsung, Sony, LG and Motorola, without issue. I an aware that other engineers have debugged on other devices, including from smaller international Android handset manufacturers. We have a compatibility spreadsheet which indicates successful testing of both our library and development environment on 60 or so devices. All of these devices are Gingerbread or above; possibly prior to this support was less mature. I am sympathetic to you scepticism but in reality I've found support for debugging effectively ubiquitous. As for the "retarded hack", it is true that gdb takes a few seconds to attach. If debugging some user controlled event this is not an issue. If debugging application startup it is sometimes necessary to include an artificial delay (i.e., sleep(5) or similar). Not too onerous but yes, somewhat irritating.
  5. return0

    Can you write mobile games in C++?

    http://developer.android.com/tools/debugging/debugging-projects.htmlI see no mention of C++ there.L. Spiro Not sure what to tell you here, other than that it works. It uses the gdb version shipped with the NDK toolchain, and integrates with the Eclipse C++ view. See http://tools.android.com/recent/usingthendkplugin and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17705109/how-to-debug-c-c-code-ndk-in-eclipse I guess you are unable to find more recent docs as ADT is being deprecated in favour of Android Studio.
  6. return0

    Can you write mobile games in C++?

    This is not true, you can use ADT and to 'visually' debug in Eclipse. It works fine.
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