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  1. I would love to get in to scoring for games, can I get advice?

    Well here is what I have now, my main workstation by far is Reason and I love it! The sequencer is fantastic, and I can build any synth sound you can imagine. That being said, I can NOT find decent sample libraries for Strings, Choir's. etc. So I have been thinking of picking up Cubase. I also have Pro tools 9, but boy does it suck for composing. I LOVE it for mixing. Ok here is my list Native Instruments Komplete 5 (I am planning to upgrade to Komplete 8 ultimate when i save a few more pennies) Waves Studio Classics Waves GTR Music Production Toolkit for Pro tools MOTU Machfive 2 MOTU BPM MOTU Ethno (the older version not V two) MOTU Electric Keys MOTU Symphonic Native Instruments Maschine (I LOVE this thing!) Propellerheads Reason 6 Propellerheads Recycle Ableton Live Suite 8 POD Farm 2.5 [i]Heavyocity EVOLVE[/i] I also have a bunch of real hardware like an MPC2000xl, Even 20/20 monitors, Various mics and guitars. So as of now my to buy as I have the cash list is Get my Komplete up to date. I am thinking getting Cubase 6 (thoughts on this??) project symphobia [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Omnisphere[/size][/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]and it looks like I can get a good bundle of stuff from East West for like 1k so I will probably do that at some point and get some choirs and the Dark Side plugin looks awesome![/size][/color] [color="#1C2837"] [/color] [color="#1C2837"][size="2"]Am I missing anything?[/size][/color] Thanks for all the help so far guys, this is great stuff!
  2. I would love to get in to scoring for games, can I get advice?

    sure, where do you think I should start? I am currently reading up on how to do better orchestration. I feel I will need a solid year to get decent at that. Also I am studying strange scales etc. Is there any other avenue I should be exploring at the moment?
  3. I would love to get in to scoring for games, can I get advice?

    Man this is fantastic advice! Thanks guys! After all the kind words here I made a audio reel of my work. If you don't mind, could you take a listen? Its short and has like 10-15 second clips of my best stuff from last year. Let me know if this is at all in the ball park. Thanks again! [url=""][/url]
  4. I would love to get in to scoring for games, can I get advice?

    Ok, that makes sense. My initial thought was to build on my strengths. I don't think i would have any problem writing guitar driven rock tracks. What other genres should I explore? Second, I assume the field is very competitive for video game scoring. How did you guys get your first gig?
  5. So first off how do I do it? I am an failry accomplished musician, with a few albums out of both hip-hop and electronic style songs. It would be cool if you guys could listen to a few tracks that I think would be good for video games for example this one [url=""][/url] would be perfect as it develops over time and if you go here can you listen to tracks like "Black Cherry Vodka" [url=""][/url] So a few issues, I don't do huge string arrangement's. and I don't write notation. Will this hold me back? Any other advice on how to break in and do it? Do you think my tracks work and are good enough quality wise? I would appreciate any advice, thanks guys!