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    [quote name='Aardvajk' timestamp='1295144408'] Ref the crash, it's just an exe sitting on some webspace so I don't think my program is the cause - maybe my webhost? [/quote] I don't think so. I've had this happen to me more often recently so I'm thinking that its my computer. Everything has been slowed down to a crawl oso I wouldn't worry about it. That is unless someone else starts having problems.
  2. steveworks


    I have to say that I love the demo. On the bug side my computer crashed when I tried to download the installer. Though I don't really know if that was your installer or Firefox/vista freaking out on me. The game looks and plays great but on a gameplay front I think that there being some way of telling if the switch you have to press needs a block or not would be beneficial to the game. I could see it frustrating a player to get to a remote switch only to find out that they should have carried a block with them. Other than that the game plays great and you have a winning concept. I hope you keep up the great work.
  3. steveworks

    Rectangle Collission Problem

    Fixed it. One of my collision checks was missing an = sign.....
  4. steveworks

    Rectangle Collission Problem

    Thanks that was very helpful. :)
  5. steveworks

    Rectangle Collission Problem

    Thanks. Will do.
  6. steveworks

    Rectangle Collission Problem

    Sorry About that. The answer is yes. I'm using microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express(for windows phone).
  7. steveworks

    Rectangle Collission Problem

    Can you point me towards where I should start?
  8. steveworks

    Rectangle Collission Problem

    True. I have next to no experience with Debugging. (I guess I SHOULD take the time to learn that...)
  9. I'm working on a simple 2D C# and Xna Game similar to the Ice Caves in Pokemon G/S. I've got the Tile classes made and a rudimentary character created but I've hit a snag on the collision detection. Right now I'm using a custom Rectangle class and a function that tests if 2 rectangles are colliding. Then I use the player's(made out of a separate class) velocity to figure out which side of the tile the player hit. This lets me set the players location to that side, making it look like the tile stopped the player. This works fine for the Left, Right, and top of the tile but when my character hits the bottom side he goes halfway through the tile before he is set to the correct position. For an Idea of what the game looks like you can go here. [link]http://steveworks.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d2yxt30[/link] Here's the source. The Rectangle Class public class Float_Rectangle { public Vector2 TopLeft; // The different vertices of the rectangle instance public Vector2 TopRight; public Vector2 Center; public Vector2 BottomLeft; public Vector2 BottomRight; public Float_Rectangle(Vector2 location,Vector2 size)// Creates an instance of float_rectangle { TopLeft = location; TopRight = new Vector2(location.X + (size.X -1), location.Y); Center = new Vector2((location.X + (size.X-1)) / 2, (location.Y + (size.Y-1)) / 2); BottomLeft = new Vector2(location.X, location.Y + (size.Y-1)); BottomRight = new Vector2(location.X + (size.X-1), location.Y + (size.Y-1)); } public void Update_position(Vector2 location, Vector2 size) // Updates the Rectangles postion. { TopRight = new Vector2(location.X + (size.X-1), location.Y); BottomLeft = new Vector2(location.X, location.Y + (size.Y-1)); Center = new Vector2((location.X + (size.X-1)) / 2, (location.Y + (size.Y-1)) / 2); BottomLeft = new Vector2(location.X, location.Y + (size.Y-1)); BottomRight = new Vector2(location.X + (size.X-1), location.Y + (size.Y-1)); } } The collision detection function. public bool Rect_collide(Float_Rectangle Rect1, Float_Rectangle Rect2) { if (Rect1.TopLeft.X >= Rect2.TopLeft.X && Rect1.TopLeft.X <= Rect2.TopRight.X) { if (Rect1.TopLeft.Y >= Rect2.TopLeft.Y && Rect1.TopLeft.Y <= Rect2.BottomLeft.Y) { return true; } } if (Rect1.TopRight.X > Rect2.TopLeft.X && Rect1.TopRight.X < Rect2.TopRight.X) { if (Rect1.TopRight.Y >= Rect2.TopLeft.Y && Rect1.TopRight.Y <= Rect2.BottomLeft.Y) { return true; } } if (Rect1.BottomLeft.X >= Rect2.TopLeft.X && Rect1.BottomLeft.X <= Rect2.TopRight.X) { if (Rect1.BottomLeft.Y >= Rect2.TopLeft.Y && Rect1.BottomLeft.Y <= Rect2.BottomLeft.Y) { return true; } } if (Rect1.BottomRight.X >= Rect2.TopLeft.X && Rect1.BottomRight.X <= Rect2.TopRight.X) { if (Rect1.BottomRight.Y >= Rect2.TopLeft.Y && Rect1.BottomRight.Y <= Rect2.BottomLeft.Y) { return true; } } return false; } and the part the simulates a wall. player.position.X += player.velocity.X; player.position.Y += player.velocity.Y; player.rect.Update_position(player.position, new Vector2(32, 32)); foreach (BasicTile Tile in Tiles) Tile.update_position(); foreach(BasicTile Tile in Tiles) { if (Rect_collide(player.rect,Tile.rect)) { if (player.velocity.X > 0) { player.position.X = Tile.rect.TopLeft.X-32; player.movement = 1; player.velocity.X = 0; } if (player.velocity.X < 0) { player.position.X = Tile.rect.TopRight.X+1; player.movement = 1; player.velocity.X = 0; } if (player.velocity.Y > 0) { player.position.Y = Tile.rect.TopLeft.Y - 32; player.movement = 1; player.velocity.Y = 0; } if (player.velocity.Y < 0) { player.position.Y = Tile.rect.BottomLeft.Y+1; player.movement = 1; player.velocity.Y = 0; } } } [/source] [Edited by - steveworks on September 26, 2010 9:17:08 PM]
  10. steveworks

    Creating Levels from an external File

    Thanks for the Reply's I'm making this as a hobby game and have no intention to sell it. The levels won't become too complex as it is all kept on one screen and I have no problems with people creating levels of their own. I'm thinking I'll go with the text file. Now that I've made up my mind can anyone recomend a good place to learn more about C# File I/O. If not, well googles always an option.
  11. steveworks

    Creating Levels from an external File

    Is there any particular advanage to either one? I can see the text file working well, especially if I want to edit a map quickly but is there any reall drawbacks to this? The game is designed around simple packman size one screen levels.
  12. I'm working on the design of a simple tile based game where the player tries to get to a certain tile on the screen while sliding around, Much like the Ice cave in Pokemon G/S/C. The problem is that I have never really had to work with external files before so I'm a little lost. Can anyone Suggest some methods of reading an external file? I have next to no knowledge of File I/O, So a pointer in the right direction would be very helpful. As a side note I'm making the game using C# and XNA. All help is appreciated.
  13. steveworks

    What's your opinion of the 3DS

    Nintendo's E3 press conference was yesterday. They showed a lot of games but what stole the show was the 3DS. From a development standpoint, what do you think of it? Are you excited, apathtic or somewhere in between?
  14. steveworks

    What is a good screen rez

    Thanks for all of the suggestions. I believe I'll stick with 800x600. I'm suprized how many different responses there are. Thanks again.
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