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  1. I guess [url="http://www.majesty2.com"]Majesty[/url] is worth mentioning in this context. It's an RTS where you are the king but the heroes have a will of their own, and you can only influence them by assigning rewards to different goals.
  2. [quote name='sunandshadow' timestamp='1336986157' post='4940002'] Old Win/Mac adventure game Jewels of the Oracle. Good luck getting it to run unless you have a legacy game box or possibly a legacy virtual machine. [/quote] Thanks! I found some videos on YouTube at least. [quote name='Waterlimon' timestamp='1336997647' post='4940035'] What about being the old man? Find and protect the young ordinary person, give him your magic staff and help him in the background without him knowing it and then when hes fighting the boss and is losing you come speak some random wisdoms and give him more magic items. [/quote] Awesome idea! Indirect control, a bit like Dungeon Keeper.
  3. Awesome feedback everyone! [quote name='jefferytitan' timestamp='1336944836' post='4939890'] - What is your goal? - Why would it be fun to play? [/quote] 1. The idea behind the premise is just to do something contrary to the norm, and see how it turns out. 2. Can't answer that yet, too early to tell. Will crunch the feedback in this thread and get back to you! [quote name='Bigdeadbug' timestamp='1336946479' post='4939898'] On the other hand if you going for more of real life simulator "your nothing special, but important in your own little world." then I don't don't see why it wouldn't work. [/quote] [quote name='sunandshadow' timestamp='1336972274' post='4939970'] So, really it depends on how you define hero. The protagonist of a game doesn't have to be the last person of a special bloodline, or the child of prophecy who is as strong as 10 men and blessed by luck, or the only one in the world who can do magic. [/quote] I think this is the watershed design decision: 1) a game where you play the "hero in their own little world", or 2) a game where you are not a hero in any sense, maybe even an anti-hero. [quote name='Iron Chef Carnage' timestamp='1336951767' post='4939920'] Recettear casts you as a shopkeeter in an RPG world. Heroes and adventurers frequent your store, and you make a living wage stocking and selling the various potions, weapons and items that they'll need to fight monsters, and also by bankrolling their quests as an investor in exchange for a share of any loot or gold they discover. [/quote] Nice! Will check Recettear out. Sounds a bit like [url="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Little_King"]Little King's Story[/url] for Nintendo Wii. [quote name='sunandshadow' timestamp='1336972274' post='4939970'] archeologist who accidentally fell into an alien automated testing arena that they used to determine the nobility of their society [/quote] This sounds awesome, which game is this?
  4. Most RPG's follows Campbell's monomyth: ordinary person in ordinary place becomes hero in a fantastical place. Old Man (Gandalf, Obi-Wan) comes to young boy and gives him a magical object (ring, wand, lightsaber). Well, screw that. Let's say you (the player character) is just ordinary. There are heroes, sure, but you're not it. The Old Man won't ring on your doorbell. You're unlikely to get a lightsaber. You're likely to get a cold. ----- What do you think about this as a premise for an RPG? What would you expect of the game? All constructive feedback is welcome!
  5. Hi, I'm writing an article on "Time Manipulation as game design element", i.e.: - Time freezing: Max Payne, Enter The Matrix - Time rewind: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time Can anyone recommend other games that uses Time Manipulation? Any game that uses "Time fast-forward"? Tom. Tom Söderlund, Game producer, Daydream