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  1. I also have a mouse.I have been watching him go back and forth to the rat poison behind the tv at night.I left him some real food last night on his path as a peace offering to the rat gods.haven't seen him since.I guess he is a rigamortis ratcabbab somewhere I will find why cleaning.
  2. I have a few simple rules I follow. 1.would you play it 2.realistic is not always fun. 3.beware of bathrooms. 4.seatbelts.
  3. bad idea I guess.I will whip up something new.
  4. yeah,just a little fan game.no money involved our anything.
  5. yeah I know.nerdgasam.do you think I will be sued if I make a star trek game?I have seen a couple flash games that didn't seem to have permission.
  6. i liked it when you could hardly get anything done for all the monsters.I had to build my fort on an island to get away from all of them.
  7. I remember in sims when I found out how to make that potion where you would live forever.just wasn't fun anymore.probably in the minority though. but i got kinda upset with pirates for making me old.and rushing me. maybe a heir could pick up where you left off if you die without finishing the main quest. that said,losing is fun.I say make em drop dead.
  8. what is the best way to make a city live? so far I got a city and what I call nodes distributed around the city.With the idea being that these would be each run by either the government , corporations , shops , blocks so far. I'm leaning towards having each node a set number of agents(we'll call them agents for now).That go on missions against each other and the player if he gets involved.the player can go on missions for nodes to.hopefully missions would be naturally created by the aggregation. The idea being that the city runs without the player.but the player can influence any of these.maybe even special people who act as little mobile nodes working for them selves. now I could do this with random targets our with diplomatic numbers maybe even products and deals between nodes. setting is kind of shadowrun like. should I not worry about making the background workings to complicated? any other ideas on how to do this? suggestions?
  9. space mongoose paperclips lazyboy chair gold baby gold
  10. i think they should build machine gun nests at the entrance to each building. they could be maned by the students.maybe some mines our something would work.
  11. if only they would secede.we can hope.
  12. yeah my laptop use to crash in games.But it wouldn't crash if I used battery instead of outlet.So maybe you could try it on batteries.I guess it was ram,I took out some ram and everything runs fine now.It never had a problem booting up though,and would run fine until I tried a game.
  13. I'm not sure how the delay would play.I see two wizards running around in random patterns casting spells.Like a bomber man multiplayer with invisible bombs.actually I think bomber man did quite well.throw in line of sight,some obstacles and maybe a princess?
  14. How do you feel about mini games in a larger game?I really don't want to make puzzle pirates.what are some examples of good/bad mini games?Should they all be skipable?how much is to much?I never played it but the lock picking of theif 3 our 4 looked cool.And paradroid comes to mind.
  15. i like games where your an average joe.Lot easier to get into than I'm some epic hero guy.And I would check it out ether way.unless i was going back to turn in quest X and didn't feel like stopping.A game where it's been made clear that you don't have super strength our can take out 7 badies by yourself.I might look to call the cops our something.