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  1. How to debug LUA

    Hi,there.I am using LUA as scrpit.But I found it is very hard to debug LUA.Would you give me some advice please? Thank you!
  2. Greeting

    I become a professional programmer now, working on Dragon Game Company. They pay cash here. Next step, I am going to make a new version for my 3D model editor, Easy3D Maker. there will be English version for it.
  3. Greeting

    Thank you very much. Have a nice game.
  4. Greeting

    Yes, you understanded very well. The innate hypocrisy is inside my heart. Chinese people won't tell others their true feeling. They always hide the true in their heart. I don't know why.
  5. Greeting

    Hi,there. Allow me to introduce myself please. I am a Chinese game developer, a game lover. I wanted to make my own game when I was a boy. in university time, I learned all program knowledge by myself. including C++, data struct, WIN32, graphic algebra, DirectX. And I tried to make game, anyway, I have be failed in the beginning. Finally, I got success in 2008 year. a ARPG(Adventure Role Play Games) made by myself, click here have a look I also made the game editor and map editor for this game. Then, a 3D model editor made by myself, click here have a look it looks very like Milkshape3D, you can use it to edit mesh, material, and bone animation. After I put my works on the Internet, many Chinese people start to asking me for my source codes. I won't give them source codes free. Because some guy will copy source codes into his project. They became very very angry, and call my names all the time. Every day I receive many emails asking source codes. A guy told me that he want to buy my source code, I gave him the source code, but he didn't pay me! Then the guy found the source code which I gave to him is not a full one. He was very angry and said he wants to kill me. I was so scared! But fortunately, he didn't. In a word, I am very disappointed to Chinese people. And I have left all Chinese game BBS. Now I come to Gamedev. I found here is much better than Chinese game BBS. Greeting to gamedev!
  6. My first graphical game(Critique requested)

    can not down load. I am in China
  7. Best Game Engine?

    It is very hard to say which one is best. I think it depend on what kind of game you want to make. Some small and easy 2D game maked by flash actionscript. I have also seen 3D game make by flash before.
  8. Beginner in Game Development

    Amazing! you are so young! I am a developer in China. I have never seen a man wanting to make his own game in 17 years old before. In China, even 24 years old university student do not understand what life is! come on, young man, good luck to you, and waiting for your wonderful game!
  9. delete help

    it must be a wrong pointer. it maybe did not be initialize well. or have been delete already, like this: int * pData = new int; delete pData; delete pData; // crash here
  10. [resolved] return values of a function

    when it returns, it will create a temp object to transform. Add some output information into construct function, to help you understand well. like this: class Poly { public: Poly() { std::cout << "Poly construct now!" << std::endl; } }
  11. C++ syntax errors

    hehe, a interesting small game!
  12. C++ Game Dev Help

    HGE is a very small 2D engine, it is very easy to use, and it manager resource by itself
  13. Draw a line

    do it have a SDK? or document?
  14. give up learning C++?

    just learn it
  15. FPS game

    that is very hard job!