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  1. Hi! anyone know some page , resource or book to learn how to program a plugin foir LightWave 3D?
  2. I solve the problem ... i put all the project in other workstation with the same version of Windows and Developer Studio 2005 (intaled from the original cd in both Workstation) and it works with no problem ........ M$ suck!!!!!!
  3. :( i get the same error if a put the a var in the Doc class ... :( CKWorldDoc* doc = (CKWorldDoc*)GetDocument(); if(doc == NULL) printf("Exploto......."); printf("Bartolo:%d",doc->getBartolo()); // i get the same error/Exception
  4. Hi guys !!! i have a newby Problem i think... I use MFC and Templates with MSVC 8.0 (microsoft developer studio 2005) so i have a document , and in the CKWorldDoc i have a template , when i run the code in debug mode the program work fine , but , when i change to release, i get a "runtime exception" and the IDE send me "to see" xtree file , in the line 373 (xtree is not a file of my project ,is part of the VC++ headers) CKWorldDoc* doc = (CKWorldDoc*)GetDocument(); if(doc == NULL) printf("Doc Blow Up......."); std::map<int,KBox*> localP = doc->getKPipeline(); int size = localP.size(); // here give the Exception :( just in release
  5. Pointers and STL

    Quote:Original post by BlueHabu Quote:Original post by DrEvil KBOX * kbox = new KBOX; kPipeline[i] = kbox; delete kbox; Isn't pointer after delete kbox in kPipline[i] invalid making kPipeline[i]->SomeMethod() an access violation? I think you want to do delete kPipeline[i], for all i, when you want to clear the kPipeline. Not right after you add the object pointer to the map. ups! u'r right!
  6. if y have this std::map<int,KBox*> kPipeline; and then KBOX * kbox = new KBOX; kPipeline[i] = kbox; delete kbox; i need to delete kPipeline at the end of my program with delete kPipeline; is that correct?? thanks in advance
  7. Hi guys!! i try to use BOOST to find a file and copy this file to other directory so i use this for to get te directories for( fs::directory_iterator itr( dir_path ); itr != end_itr; ++itr ) .. .. .. if( fs::is_directory(*itr) ) // ask if is it a dir { ... ... } else{ // if not a dir , it's a file so... fs::path path2Copy("c:\findFiles", fs::native ); fs::copy_file(*itr,path2Copy); } but my program crash! , y think i need samething like itr->getpath() , but y can't find out , any one can help me? thanks in advance.
  8. Hi!! i'm programming a simple 3D editor with MFC , i put 4 views and now i have problem for the picking object , in fact the problem is , i can't get the correct rectangle of the slipted window and the mouse position , anyone can get me a tip... ? thanks in advance
  9. Compiling AngelScripts

    Hi guy!! can i compile an AScripts files , same kind of Binary (ByteCode) ??
  10. http://www.opentnl.org/ this is used in the Torque game engine...
  11. Your first Portfolio!

    go to start to finish a simple game using torque ,the Studios , try to find people how can start and finish things...
  12. Which compiler?

    Compiler : minGW IDE : Elipse + CDT
  13. Torque Engine???

    Quote:Original post by PolycountProductions Many people have purchased Blitz3D/BlitzMax, many use DarkBasic (Pro), many use Torque. torque is better than Blitz3D/BlitzMax and DarkBasic (Pro) ;)
  14. Programing Blast Sound

    1) you can buy a sound FX pack and play an explosion in directSound/fmod/openal 2) you can record your own explosion FX , "spice it a bit" with sound forge and save in a sound file then use directSound/fmod/openal to play it
  15. error compiling :(