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    3rd year project help!

    äähm... that's not so easy becourse u may have an project when u've read about it, then u must be shure that it can in function. Becourse u have a much- too much code, and then u got the effect: 4=1 that can be easier when u write it 2=2. but the most cpode is 3=1 that is a special performance for anybody so the engine work's : 2=4 ok??? hope I can help u sy i dont have much time http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=463639&whichpage=1�
  2. So- dont need this pointer becourse *make this to your library-kk? Hey, have u got experience in Game-developmenmt? Can u answer me, but i'm from Germany
  3. Can sombody help me with 2D Game programmcode- I'm now reading Matrixmathematics. Who can give me examples with good programmcode, so I can learn somthing mor about gamedevelopment. I have read much about C++ ect. I'm a hobbyreader from Germany. Have enybody good Answers about my question? Where I can look for bitmaps where I can {use it for example - i,...,m j,...,n ect simply the Vector? Or some Tamplates or classes, how ever I can think it my self. 1.Have nobody an good answer? 2.Lib. no problem- have I done, but how I include the engine without problems and how can I include my Bitmap into the hpp??? But can I read it? [Edited by - Blade023 on May 7, 2008 1:14:09 PM]
  4. Blade023

    Load an Image

    How I make entries to the C++ Compiler??? Where I can get nearer Infos how I must put the Jpeg, ect. in my Library- Must I change something to make a Lib. ? How is the normal Entry?? Tipp: Get the tamplate like this: Class ... or Void -Member {that what u want?}
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