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  1. Hey everyone, I'm coming here with an understanding of many different programming languages, but no ideas how to apply my skills to make something productive. I've gone through many Java games, such as helicopter, TD, pong, IDE, physics sim, chat client/server, and many more. Along with many Java applications, I've also made a C++/OpenGL game engine from scratch and some small websites. My problem is that half way through every project, or once I'm done with one of these little games/projects, I always find my self wondering what to do with them? Can they be used by other people? What motivation do I have to make these more advanced? I have ran into this problem many times, and I think I have to blame it on me working solo on all these projects, no community to talk to people and get input from, and not making anything unique. My newest ideas include mp3 visualizer, chat client, 3d social game world, and other things, but every idea I have has already been done by professionals and I know mine can never compete with theirs. Someone please give me some words of advice towards keeping motivation in the same project and how to keep me committed to it! Should I approach these projects different? Should I make my own community and keep them up to date with a blog or what?
  2. Tenac

    C++ Game Engine

    Haha, I just started making an Animal Crossing game also a couple days ago, funny coincidence :) I used to play Animal Crossing years ago, and just got back into it a bit since my little brother was playing it and the idea popped into my head. I'm using an engine I made from scratch though, and am adding to the engine as I need to (which everyone here would suggest if making a homebrew game engine rather than making just a game engine without a game.) I haven't tried any game engines really, but I'd feel very offtopic if I didn't throw out a suggestion, so here you go: Unreal Developtment Kit
  3. Tenac

    Input Manager

    What if you want to throw in a cheat/easter egg so that when the user types in up, up, down, down, right, left, in that order, something occurs? I always thought input systems should be made so they can support whatever you want to do without much, if any modification. Or would this multi-order input require its own code and array that pushes back key codes, and checks if a specific order of keys is contained?
  4. This thread caught my attention because I'm in somewhat of the same position you are, but I'm only 17. I have a couple friends who are going to go into the game programming industry, such as programming, level design, and other things, and it seems perfect for me since I'm a good programmer and good with computers. The problem is, I hate the thought of being stuck sitting in front of a computer for hours a day debugging/programming a small module of a game, without much freedom as to what I'm assigned to fix/program and having to keep up with strict deadlines and keeping up to the team's standards. I still have a lot of time before I decide what I'm going to specialize in, and I know I want it to be computer-related, but it's hard to decide.
  5. Tenac

    File Type?

    I'd like to hear input about this also, would using chunks like .3ds be best, maybe just some sort of binary to lower file size, or an .obj approach in readable ascii, what is accepted now a days?
  6. Thanks a load for all the feedback everyone, I'll be sure to make the rendering and updating separate and also incorporate everything else mentioned. However, I still don't feel 100% confident in my entity system, I've been told several times that a SceneGraph is the way to go lately. And I'd still kinda like to get a suggestion on things such as where to create the instance of my terrain brush for the terrain, and with classes that I only use 1 instance of, such as the Window, LuaInterpreter, OpenGL, UI, etc. if they should be made entirely static or have a global variable declared as 'extern', or maybe even use a singleton structure. And lastly... Quote:Original post by zedz for rendering these should just be one generic mesh object water is a mesh, the terrain also, same skybox. - Water has very unique properties, such as the reflection, refraction, gravity, color inside it, animation, etc. - Terrain is very unique, since it an be modified with a brush, is optimized with a lot of culling and octree code, etc. - Skybox might, in the future, render multiple layers of textures, + it moves with the player slowly, unlike other meshes. Do you still they they shouldn't have their own classes? Should the mesh/model class have the ability to add properties to objects and make it customizable enough so it can achieve these objects without them needing their own classes? [Edited by - Tenac on September 29, 2009 1:04:40 AM]
  7. Tenac

    organising my code..

    I ran into the same situation actually, I had a Vertex, Normal, TexCoord, and some other struct classes with just like 2/3 fields each, and I have multiple model loader classes, so would it be more organized for each to have its own file, or since they are so small put them all into 1 file that contains all the miscellaneous structs/classes?
  8. Yeah, the RenderScene method is my main loop, I guess it should be renamed. And in your main loop example, you mentioned everything gets updated rendered over and over, which is kinda what I do, but other people have told me that the rendering of a mesh should occur in the update() of an object in my scene that I attached/added the mesh to. The main reason I made this thread I think was to get criticism about the way I manage all the classes/objects/events in my engine, and I'm not even expecting positive feedback about it really haha. In reality, I'm just stuck on how to manage my code cleanely in general, such as where to create my terrain brush for the terrain, how to create a better entity management system, etc. Another thing is that with classes that I only use 1 instance of, such as the Window, LuaInterpreter, OpenGL, UI, etc. if they should be made entirely static or have a global variable declared as 'extern'
  9. I'm making a game (obviously), and I'm improving my game engine as it is needed, but I feel my design is awful and I'd love some help. I'm sure this has been explained before or been asked before, so any links to previous explanations or code examples would be appreciated, but a little pseduocode or suggestions from you guys is always helpful. First, this is my main loop, I'd greatly appreciate a pseduocode example from someone of how it should look in a clean game engine. void Engine::RenderScene() { window.CreateGameWindow(); opengl.Init(); physics.Init(); world.Init(); UI.Init(); audio.Init(); Fog::Fog(); luaInterpreter.Init(); while(!quit) { framerate.Update(); glClear(GL_COLOR_BUFFER_BIT | GL_DEPTH_BUFFER_BIT); glLoadIdentity(); frustumCulling.CalculateFrustum(); input.CheckForInput(); camera.Update(); world.Update(); audio.Update(); UI.Update(); physics.Update(); SDL_GL_SwapBuffers(); } world.CleanUp(); luaInterpreter.CleanUp(); UI.ClearComponents(); textureManager.CleanUp(); physics.CleanUp(); audio.CleanUp(); font.CleanUp(); SDL_Quit(); } Would a more Object Oriented design have each object in the scene containing it's own events that get triggered, instead of me updating all the events in one call to the Physics or Audio class? And secondly, all the objects in the scene (I call it the World) is stored in my World class using vector<Entity*> entities; I've heard a SceneGraph is a better approach, but this is pretty much what I currently have(each indented branch inherits the branch it's under). (Each has an Init(), Update(), and CleanUp()) >Entity -->Camera ---->FollowingCamera ---->FlyingCamera -->Light ---->DirectionalLight ---->PointLight ---->SpotLight -->Model ---->Model3DS ---->ModelOBJ -->Sky ---->SkyBox ---->SkyDome -->Terrain -->Water
  10. Tenac


    Quote:Original post by Oluseyi Quote:Original post by Tenac I would guess that what Halo 3 does is as you play the game, it records the locations of all the objects and all the actions occurring in the scene every frame, and it saves all of those frames in the order they occurred into a "film". No point in re-recording properties that haven't changed. I would be sure they have a lot of built in optimizations where they could, but are you suggesting that they rather record the changes every frame rather than re-recording everything in the frame?
  11. Tenac


    I would guess that what Halo 3 does is as you play the game, it records the locations of all the objects and all the actions occurring in the scene every frame, and it saves all of those frames in the order they occurred into a "film". When you want to re-play the "film", it would open a new scene and use the objects and locations from that "film" and update the scene as the frames progress. To rewind, rather then it going to currentFrame + 1 and updating the scene to that, it would go to currentFrame - 1 and update the scene to that information. Just a guess though :P
  12. Tenac

    Mouse in a menu

    get mouse position draw your custom mouse texture at mouse location if mouse location is inside the menu's rectangular button if mouse is down do what that button should accomplish It gets a lot more confusing than this of course, and to have all the buttons have their own on-click code, i used lua, but I'm sure there are other ways, is this what you are trying to accomplish basically though?
  13. Tenac

    Question about OpenGL Fog.

    I don't think anyone knows what it is, you can even use use fogColor[3] which is just RGB, I think because they are all automatically set to 0 and the fourth variable doesn't change anything whether it's set to 0 or 1. People suggest using 1 as the fourth number, but I doubt it makes a difference. If I'm wrong however, I'd love the hear what its real purpose is.
  14. Tenac


    There's this, the images and download link may not work since it is very old but it's still useful and explains how it works pretty well: http://www.flipcode.com/archives/Decals_Explained.shtml
  15. Tenac

    [c++ opengl] poligon class

    Rather than using GL_POLYGON, do you think you can use GL_TRIANGLES or GL_QUADS? And see if you can use a for loop rather than 2 whiles. And lastly, shouldn't #ifdef _WINDOWS be #ifdef WIN32, but if _WINDOWS works, then use it.
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