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  1. shadymokhtar

    Small SDL_Problem

    Thank u all for helping i discovered the mistake and it's such a stupid one ..so sorry. the image i was loading was originally a JPG format so i just renamed it .BMP and i thought this way will change its format but it didn't, i don't know why although when i renamed it, it had .bmp extention, anyway i fixed the problem now and thanks again
  2. shadymokhtar

    Small SDL_Problem

    i made debug and i found that the mistake is in the SDL_LoadBMP it seems that id doesn't find the file and i'm sure of that, and i didn't file any txt file, and i think i must make some settings in the compiler itself not the code
  3. shadymokhtar


    it just gets the cmd screen and says press any key to continue, by the way when i print something using printf how should it appear because when i call the function "printf" nothing appears on the screen
  4. shadymokhtar

    Small SDL_Problem

    SDL_Surface *bg=NULL; bg=SDL_LoadBMP("bg.bmp"); if(bg==NULL) { printf("Error loading file: %s\n", SDL_GetError()); exit(1); } i wrote this in my code, it doesn't get an error, it just exits, and when i remove the if condition, the program works normal but without a background. thats why i'm sure it's not a code mistake
  5. shadymokhtar

    Small SDL_Problem

    hi all, i'm new here and i'm new in SDL i'm using visual C++ 2008 but there is a problem in loading BMP files (not a code error) so do i have to make some settings to include the BMP files in the project or what???. I just pasted theese files in the project folder. need help.. thnx
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