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  1. That was brilliant, I can't say enough about how grateful I am for that post. That will help me alot, I am looking up about The Complete Guide to Game Audio now. I will also begin to focus on sound effects a bit more also, and perhaps incorporate them into my composing also. Thanks again, if I run into any questions I will post them here as your answers are much more clear and straight forward then alot I have came across on the internet.
  2. New Composition Contest (Results are IN!!!)

    Sorry I never got my entry in, I had exams for the period of the competition and only ended up getting around a quarter of the video scored. Still was learning experience for me as I have never scored for a video before as its not my style. Best of luck to all entries.
  3. New Composition Contest (Results are IN!!!)

    Good to hear!
  4. New Composition Contest (Results are IN!!!)

    Has the video been finalised yet?
  5. New Composition Contest (Results are IN!!!)

    Count me in. I am very busy for the next 7 weeks with exams though so it will be far from my best work but, hey, I will give it a shot none the less.
  6. Passing melodies to a composer?

    I would be interested in helping out with some compositions during the summer when I am freed up abit.