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  1. Here's my search screen. Can you even see what I typed into the search field? When people say that this upgrade is okay, or even that it's 'rough edges', I can't help but think where have the standards gone to. It's like the basic features have not even been tested.
  2. I am stunned. How are the heck are people saying that the upgrade has been good? - Old articles are broken. The value of gamedev.net tumbles. So now I need to set up an activity list? I'd rather the older option where the forum topics are bumped up upon a post. The live feed was what I'd consider a majorly interesting part of the site. Over the past several updates gamedev.net has been getting more and more bloated. Design has also taken a turn for the worse. For example, when I'm reading a forum post I don't have a need to see Game Job's or Ads at the right side of the post. It makes information harder and harder to read and to find. Color contrast looks really bad imo, light grays and whites.