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  1. The Go Programming Language

  2. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Sample size???
  3. The Go Programming Language

    Has anyone ever used this language? Would you say it is suitable for game programming? If so what graphics/audio/UI libraries are best to use for it. The only reason that I am asking is because I will probably rewrite the code for my current project sometimes in the far future.. may in a few years. Right now I am using JavaScript which works well but eventually, as I always do, I rewrite projects to learn new stuff like languages.
  4. So I'm working on my latest project, Platformisis, which is a game development suite written by me. Platformisis deals with the creation of 2D platform games or 2D games in general. Anyways, I'm currently in the process of creating a game called Bluejay's Quest which is a game about a bird that belongs to Mario but gets separated from him. The goal of the game is to find Mario whom the bird is a pet of. Currently dealing with collision detection theory in the game. I recently (well, last year to be exact) learned how to do collision detection in 2D platform games. I set up a box for the object that the main character would collide with and place points on each corner of the main character. I'm using four points on each corner indented about 4 pixels in on the x-axis. So my character can move fast - like 4 pixels per frame but if I want him to move really fast, like 8 pixels per frame or even higher how do I handle this type of collision without more than one point being inside of the other sprite's bounding box? What I mean is that in order to detect a collision with a wall on the left one or both points on the left would need to be inside the wall's bounding box. However, is it possible that points on both side could be inside of the wall's box and then it would look like my character is standing by two walls. How do I deal with this issue?
  5. Merry Christmas GD Lounge!

    Merry Christmas! I'm getting code for Christmas, not even kidding!
  6. Want to buy an Asus laptop ? Think before.

    Yeah, I think I'm going to upgrade mine soon.
  7. When did immediate mode take over the web?

    I second that. Web programming scares me. It's not something simple anymore!
  8. Twitch Streaming and IRL Streaming

    Seriously, this is what a lot of people do. Go to work - get on Twitch - eat and get on Twitch - go to the john - get on twitch - go out, take phone, and get on twitch. Sorry shaming this makes people angry but I'm trying to bring up a point about how watching others play games can be rather pointless - why not just experience the game itself. They said TV rots your mind but Twitch does the same. Instead of watching someone go to a bar why not just go out. Just saying.
  9. Want to buy an Asus laptop ? Think before.

    You need to get an AlienWare. This is the best PC around. I love their new laptop and take it everywhere I go - even to work. I have their fully featured PC at home which has their really cool feature that when you shoot aliens the PC glows. I love the shape of the tower as well. When I first bought this PC last year I had to sell my car to but it. I don't care - I ride my bike to work now so that I can muster the strength and endurance to play games all day. I have even built a mount on my handlebar so that I can mount the AlienWare laptop. Anyways, I think you should get both the PC and the laptop. If you have to sell your car to get these it's well worth it - not even kidding! You'll get plenty of exercise so that when you kill time on this thing you'll still be healthy!
  10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    Man, you hate everything! Is there nothing that you don't hate?
  11. Twitch Streaming and IRL Streaming

    Seems to be a lot of Twitch junkies here.
  12. Your pets in my game

    I have a cat that is black and she climbs trees and stuff. I wanted to create a game about a cat in an RPG that is on an adventure to find his owner. In the game you run through fields, climb trees, explore tunnels and eves of houses, jump from roof to roof on buildings - kind of like Mario but for cats as they can jump much better than any person can. I can send you a picture of my cat.
  13. Twitch Streaming and IRL Streaming

    Just wondering if anyone watches streamers play games. I personally don't most of the time but I watched a few and wondered why anyone would want to watch someone else play a game that looks like fun. Why would you not play the game itself? I have watched a couple of development streams where games are being created and I was hooked. Those are educational and useful and I took some of that knowledge to use on my own game. The other new category coming out is IRL - in real life. Streamers in this category will stream their daily lives as they go to bars and stuff. I watched one and was bored to the bone. Why would anyone watch someone drinking a beer or walking down the street talking to people. And these people get massive donations. Some of these streamers do dumb things like annoy people or pull stupid pranks. It sounds almost like Tom Green left a legacy and people are trying to capitalize off of it. Does anyone else watch these types of streams? What do you think of Twitch?
  14. Did you use an existing game engine?

    Creating a game engine is usually the result of creating a game. It is fun but a lot of work. If I were developing games for a living, which I'm not, I would probably use Unity but then again I would look for an open source game like Mega Mario and use it's engine to develop my own game. However, developing a game engine allows you to learn about the inner workings of games but if you have to deliver on time don't do it and use something that was already made and make sure it have good documentation!
  15. Does violence stem from video games

    Some games are not as violent like Mario or Pacman but others like Man Hunt are just sick. The fact that a game like that can even exist is beyond me. Shooting games just make me cringe unless the game is Duck Hunt. Shooting games are for survivalists. Just look at H1Z1 - just looking at the game in action just makes me cringe at how little effort can be put into a game where you shoot people. At least in an RPG you embark on a quest and solve puzzles. In H1Z1 you just blow people's heads off and people find this fun???