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  1. Map Editor

    So, a good level editor would actully already have the physics/engine programmed into it? I know that sounds like a dumb question, but im actully trying to make the game from scratch so if there is anything i should probly have done prior to just the map editor could you mention it? also has anyone ever made an object become transparent (can still see the item but you can see threw it, like a ghost). if so, was it just a function of allegero(or whatever) or do you actully have to program that?
  2. Map Editor

    When trying to make the editor, what should i already have done. by this i mean do i need an already functional version of the game? thanks to everyone who posted already, and those who are still going to post. everyones been a great help.
  3. Map Editor

    ya i really looking in to making my own,thanks though. This was a good link also. I've seen a lot of good editor on google, and I just wondering about a couple important things.(probly should have mentioned it in the first post) I'm trying to plan ahead of time before I start actully programming. I'm not extremely new at c/c++ (and willing to use different lang) but I'm not a any good yet either. I would like to understand how to: 2.load the map into a game 3.load the actual sprites/texture...(so on) 4.making different layers if possible to applie a clock (to make the game have a day/night) 6.The differences between an rpg and a platform map editor I am searching (google and gameDev) alot and looking for tips, and explaintions. I am very stubbon however and would like to code it myself(examples are still welcomed..alot) but I never expect someone to be so kind, lol. Just trying to hone my game making skills. There is no tutorial for experince.
  4. Map Editor

    I was just wondering what it takes to make a simple 2d map editor, for a platform and also a rpg(zelda sytled)? im using: allegro c/c++
  5. Installing Allegro - Dev-C++

    Great job, this was perfect.
  6. need a little help devloping programing skill

    thanks guys just what i was hoping to hear.
  7. question -------- what projects did you(the exp game programmers) start off making. for example little databases, text game, or even more complitcated things that i have no idea about? any tips/suggestions on what i should understand/focus on before trying to tackle my first game would be awsome. thanks alot reason I'm asking ----------------- I am determined to program a game. i know what i need the only problem is i can't program.(dumb right) ok i lied i can program a little in c and i am about to try and understand c++. i didn't have a problem learning the lang. but i don't know what i should applie it to. i want to become much better i just don't have any projects that i have to tackle.
  8. completly new

    i am just starting out i was wonding if i should go straight to counsel making or if i should do something else first. if i did do counsel should i start with somethning that has an emultors on the computer? tools/ help if u suggest something plz? i only want to start by making simple 2d games. where should i start, what should i master/ know for basic game making?