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    you woulda loved copperlists :-) (video hardware programs with a wait for scanline instruction and a register poke instruction, and due to the timing you could set a video hardware register to different value multiple times across one scanline - palette register poking, bitmap start position poking, and even blitter transfers running asynchronously to the cpu - with the CPU left to do fun things like re-write the copperlist on the fly. Jay Miner deserves a sainthood for services to the demo scene! </nostalgia>
  2. S1CA

    Digital Test Cards For Games

    - "safe area" markers. The area which text or important icons will be safely readable on a CRT TV. Useful for console game development. - Make sure the colour/gamma space of the file is made clear. sRGB?, Gamma 2.2?, linear? - Colours & greyscale gradients in each of the above colour spaces (useful for determining where gamma and de-gamma bugs are in your engine/pipeline as well as demonstrating the difference between linear and perceptual luminance). - Maybe take a leaf out of the MPEG test card book and make part of it useful for testing the quality of different DXT/BC compressors.
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