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  1. Zed McJack

    What to do next

    Thanks Rutin for your leghty answer. I cant say it helped me much but I guess you cant say more without knowing my game making skill levels. When you said you store data localy you mean you use txt files or some other means of storing data, right? But you can use SQLite for the same purpose and it is a file stored localy, but with DB included. On the second thought not all games need data sorted in DB way so I guess its just overhead work for most of simple games, I am a bit caught by the lack of response as my post had more than 400 views, but only one answer, but thats it... My next question might need separate thread in other forums as I am not sure does it belong here or in the Graphics Programing or Visual Arts subforums? Anyway... In the above mentioned game I need to create an 3D or 2D asset that will have hundreds of variations. Lets say its a book so its the same size but with a lot of different titles, front/back cover details different authors ets. Do I create each of these varieties as a separate (I guess not) asset or I have some means to parametrise the look of the asset (book)? Z.
  2. Zed McJack

    What to do next

    Hi guys, I am not new to programming as I am DB programer and I already tried(and succeded) writing Pong games in Python and Unity and a couple of text based games in C++ and C#. This time I tried to bring one of my game ideas closer to reality than it was in previous (unsseccesfull) attempts. I decied to go from really basic things. So I wrote some of my ideas on paper and started coding in my DB language - VFP, so that I can get to the point of having something. Well after two weeks of sporadic coding I finished with what can be called smaller unit of game concept that works. Actions that player can do are buttons and the results are in grids, comboboxes and textboxes. The question is what do I do next? Do I extend what I have in VFP to test more areas of what works or do I move to Unity(thats my choice) and start implementing what I have already done in VFP, but now in game like manner. If you recommend going to Unity, Id like to know how do I get to good (or at least usable) user interface? Another question is related to information that I store in DB. I already have a lot of tables and data in them. What game developers use for storing these data? Thanks Z.
  3. Zed McJack

    [Development] Hooded Development #3

    Well, you are certainly right that writing your thoughts is much better than just thinking. The conversation is even better. Keep going and youll reach the target.
  4. Zed McJack

    [Case] Breakout!

    Its nice to read your thoughts on Breakout, especially considering that I plan to do that next.
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