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    Procedural Gaming Experience!

    Quote:Original post by Sirisian I filled out the questionnaire, but I would like to point out my main gripe with this idea is that it would probably lack the human touch that goes into most game's story telling. This is especially true for level design and how it connects with the story. Quote:Original post by ChurchSkiz Did the survey, it would have a horrible story line. You can't intricately weave plot lines automatically. The best you could do would be to write several different stories and have the player follow one each playthrough. Games like Phantasy Star 3, Chrono Trigger, and Dragon Age do that and worked pretty well. For auto-content creation remember Evolution, the Dreamcast game where every dungeon was different and procedurally created? It sucked...hard.... Yes, there will be issues with making a story-line this way. We will have to contain the story elements as best as we can in order to make sure that we control the possible outcomes. Irreversible > Very interesting, i will have to read your post in more detail when I come home! Great reply thanks! Kryat > Nice to see we are not the only ones trying to do this! :)
  2. MS Larsen

    Procedural Gaming Experience!

    Hello People I would like to ask you, if you have the time, to look at a small questionaire that I and my group at the university have made. It is very short, will only take about 5 minutes to complete but it will be reall helpful to us. We are doing a bachelors project on Procedural Storytelling in computer-games and how to develop an A.I. that will be able to create a new story beginning each time you start a game and be able to let the story develop as the player goes along instead of the storyline being written ahead of the game. This questionaire is mainly to measure a level of interest in this type of game. I hope you will help me out a little, the link to the questionaire is here! :) http://tinyurl.com/QuestionaireMed660 If you have any questions, I will check back regularly :)
  3. MS Larsen

    My book arrived!

    The C# training book I ordered from Microsoft (Microsoft C# .NET 2008 Step by Step) arrived yesterday, much sooner than I anticipated. So now I have both that and the C# for dummies book to go with, that should keep be busy the next few months or so, learning how to use this programming language. If anyone else, like me, is just starting out, I can only say that I can recommend downloading the free Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express wich is free and then get some good training books as well. They are certainly helping me and the two books I have mentioned here are certainly also worth the money!
  4. MS Larsen

    Browser games

    Yeah, I guess you are right about that. I just did'nt see the logic it seemed to simple somehow. But it seems correct though so I'll stick with that untill someone tells me otherwise :)
  5. MS Larsen

    Browser games

    Hello again Koobazaur Ahh ok, that makes sence I though there would be somewhat of a destinct difference and certain procedures. But your explanation makes good sence. Sorry for making you repeat yourself because I donøt get the point the first time around hehe :) But thank you for pointing it out again ;)
  6. MS Larsen

    Browser games

    Hello again everyone I finally got my membership to this site, glad to support a great place like this :D I was wondering, I know that with my extremely limited programming skills and so on, there is no point in me starting to worry about making browser games at the moment. But I can't help myself still hacing great interest. Are there anyone inhere, who has experience in making browser-games like hattrick.org, howrse.com or those on bigpoint.com? Or anyone who might know what it would take/need to make a browser game, besides the idea for the game :) Thanks in advance!
  7. MS Larsen

    Learning C#

    I finally got around to looking at (re)learning C#. I have worked with it before, but it is a little over 8 months ago since I last gave it a shot, so I might just as well start from the beginning. Hopefully by book from the U.S. is underway, thats the Microsoft C# .NET 2008 Step by Step book that I have mentioned on the gamedev forums. But, as long as I am waiting for that one, I decided to give it a go with C# for dummies (love that title by the way). So, as of today, I am officially trying to teach myself how to program in C#, hopefully I'll get around to C++ as well soon!
  8. MS Larsen

    Starting from Scratch

    I guess we all have to start somewhere, when there is something we want to do but we have to learn it first. I'd like to learn how to program browser games one day, but that will require me to, first, learn how to program at all. So, first things first I signed myself up on the website www.gamedev.net to be able to receive help and tips from people who are already into game design and hopefully hear from others who are just as new as I am. It went really well and a few people have already noticed me on there. My first recommendations for learning programming languages were C#. I already know this language a little and decided to download the Microsoft Visual C# & C++ 2008 Express editions (they are free as you might know). The C# because it was recommended and the C++ because I will be taught the C++ language when I attend the university again after my summer break. Looking forward to learning these two programming language and hopefully getting to know how to make really basic games. I've also ordered my first training book for C#, a book from Microsoft also called Visual C#.NET 2008 Step by Step. Hopefully this will help me get started with my self studies. University will give some pointers as too what good books about C++ I will need to I will wait a bith with those books.
  9. MS Larsen


    Hello jbadams Welcome to Gamedev.net My name is Mikkel Larsen and I am also new to this forum, glad to know we are not alone hehe :D I hope you find what you are looking for inhere :)
  10. MS Larsen

    [Browser Games] Hi all!

    Hi Marraboy I realize that this is a big task, and simply what I meant is that I would like to end up with being able to make browser games in the end, i know that I have a lot to learn before that :) My MMOG's i mean online games like Travian, ehmm, www.howrse.com is a pretty good example of a browser game with nice graphics although it is about horses, the joy of girlfriends :P Others would include a website like www.bigpoint.com browser games like theese.
  11. MS Larsen

    Area-51 7500 gaming desktop?

    I will have to agree with the two previous answers. Buying an Aienware computer is good for getting that "prestige" feeling of having an alienware, but when it comes to performance and the needs that you have as a designer compared to a gamer, it is not the wisest choice. Many people mistakenly think, that the most expensive computer out there has to be the absolute best ones, this is far from the truth. Also, Alienware is owned by dell so buying a decent desctop from dell will me more sufficient, it will be better for your wallet and as mentioned, standard modern computers can design games without any real problems. Set a budget and stick to it, upgrade later if the need arises.
  12. Hi everyone As recently suggested to me, I want to start learning more about C# for starters. I have downloaded the Microsoft Visual C# 2008 Express Edition and I know a little C# already, but does anyone know some good places to look for learning material or specific e-books or the like ? I have ordered the Microsoft Visual C# .NET 2008 Step by Step book as the only one for now :)
  13. MS Larsen

    Making Games in Flash

    Hi Rybis I think the first thing you need to do, is to sit down and find out how much you know about using the grphical interface of flash and how well you know the programming e.g. ActionScript 2 or ActionScript 3.0 Relatively simple games can be made using only AS 3 since Flash can draw simple shapes like circles and squares and rectangles, place them at different locations and so on. Also, a very importatn part after finding out how much you know, is to determine what kind of a game you want to be making and how many features you want within the game. Because the type of game you want to make, will determine what functions and so on that you will need to use. Other than that, this website: www.cartoonsmart.com has a lot of tutorials, some of them are in AS 2 though but also a few is AS 3. Good luck! :)
  14. MS Larsen

    [Browser Games] Hi all!

    Hi Koobazaur and thank you very much for your reply ! I realize I forgot to mention my level of experience. Through the University studies, I have recently learned to program Flash ActionScript 3.0 (not much relevance to this, I know), but I have also in my spare time worked on learning C# through Visual Studio. I have an uncle who used to work at Microsoft in Denmark and he provided me with a Visual studio package along with a training book called Visual C# .NET which I have used alot. So therfore I'm glad that you also mention C#. Also, I have beginners experience with PHP and MySQL but mostly from setting up forums and such, so really not that much all together. The university studies I am in for in the coming fall will feature a lot of C and C++ programming as far as I know :)
  15. MS Larsen

    [Browser Games] Hi all!

    Hello Everyone and first of all, thank you for taking you time to greet me inhere :) Let me start out with apologizing if this post is placed incorrectly, I just saw that this was the beginners forum and I though this would be a nice place to introduce myself :) My name is Mikkel Larsen, I am 19 years old and I live in Aalborg, Denmark. Denmark is that little spit of land just above Germany, just below Norway and Sweden, to the right of the United Kingdom and to the left of .. well you get the picture ... As I recently started attenting the University of Aalborg studying a blend between technology and media (medialogy) I have gained an increased interrest in computer games and the chance of making them myself. I have always wanted to create games or something of the like and my big dream is, someday, to start my own little game company starting out with browser games, littl games like Cinema Tycoon or Fish Tycoon and maybe after a while start developing games for Mobile Phones. My purpose inhere, for the time being will be to try and gather information about designning and maybe building an MMOG (A browser game) and learning as much about this as I can. Though the university and various helping organisations in Aalborg I would be able to start up a company while attending University and get support that way, very interresting :) But the goal for now is gaining knowledge about making browser games or maybe even games for www.facebook.com that would also suit me very well. If you sit there already thinking, "I've got some stuff that could help this guy out!" or "I wanna know more about this dude" please don't hesitate to write me :) And I will probably make myself visible inhere on the forums as well :D I hope to get to know alot of people inhere, talk to you all later! [Edited by - MS Larsen on June 3, 2008 4:26:02 PM]
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