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    Cool Thanks!
  2. J_Pierre


    Thanks for the welcome's much appreciated on these massive forums. :) I will be posting mostly in the Music&Sound section, but my aim is procure game scoring work, so if you know of any developers that are looking, point them my way! Thanks guys! Jon
  3. J_Pierre

    Music, Music, Music

    Hello, My name is Jon Pierre and I'm new to GameDev Forums. Just wanted to post my own shameless self promotion!! I'm a Film/game composer and have years of experience scoring great music to picture. You could say I have a natural ability for well as a degree in music composition. For all interested parties, I'm looking to collaborate with developers to create dynamic scores for games. If you're looking for a composer, let me know what you need. You can go to and/or to listen to and view all demonstration materials. Thanks and good luck to you!! Jon
  4. J_Pierre

    Score to recording

    Good points Nathan. In addition to buying some great orchestral libraries, once your score is complete and moving in to the production stage, you could hire a small ensemble of live players to provide a layer of "human-ness" to your score. If you don't have money, I would go to the closest music school to you and post flyers for any musician willing to work for free on a video game score. Have them come in to record and mult like hec!
  5. J_Pierre

    Calling all critics!!

    I think the songs are produced well...meaning the overall sound is of good quality and taste. Just make sure you're hitting the "target." What i mean by that is make sure that your target audience, will be able to relate to your music..that's the most important part when it comes commercializing your music for the public domain. :)
  6. J_Pierre

    Music for games

    I agree with Sean and Dan...Also music in games have come quite a long way from the blips and beeps of those good ol' legacy consoles like the atari. Today, music in games can sound very close to hollywood film scores, if not better in some instances.
  7. J_Pierre


    Hello All, My name is Jon Pierre. I'm new to this forum...glad I found it. I'm a composer and here to meet some new talented individuals. Drop me a line if you dare...hahaha. Jon
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