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  1. What do you think of this?

    [quote]The Game is as follows: ...[/quote] This list reminds me of all those "Let's make a game that's like XXX, but better!" ideas. Nothing innovative in it, nothing that grabs your attention, a lot of wishful thinking though probably without any real thought going into those would be killer features.
  2. A game design I dreamed with

    You haven't actually described the mechanics of the game. What was described is good enough as an add-on mechanic to an RPG though.
  3. Design: Hellish Administrator. Feedback?

    Seems like you have the foundation right. Hopefully the idea blossoms into a tangible product I can play
  4. Design: Hellish Administrator. Feedback?

    By the way, my idea for hell administration came from theme hospital and reading a long time ago about another game called [url=""]afterlife[/url] - you might want to check it out.
  5. Design: Hellish Administrator. Feedback?

    I actually thought over this idea and abandoned it a few days ago before I even saw this thread Anyway, if you're interested in pursuing, here's what you have to consider: theme hospital had two things going for it: that is multiple types of diseases and multiple types of treatments. Basically the game had a way to get more complicated with time: you had to research more diseases, build new facilities etc. With the Hell Management sim I personally couldn't think of a way to gradually increase the complexity of the game. You could add researching new sins or new and more effective punishments for the sins, but that doesn't actually increase complexity that much if all you need to do to make hell operate more efficiently is introduce a few new punishment rooms. So if you're interested, concentrate on making hell administration a more complex thing then what you've described.
  6. By the way, this idea recently occured to me: if you're able to package your game for digital download on the fly, you could put watermarked art in your packages, which would in turn make every copy of your game unique and make sharing it on torrent sites that much harder (because the person sharing would be easy to identify, and sue for damages).
  7. [quote name='glhf' timestamp='1348690954' post='4984094'] Can this idea with internet connection and checkpoints somehow be made to prevent people torrenting your complete singleplayer games? [/quote] Ubisoft was way ahead of you on that one. What it got them was an increase in piracy I think: who in their right mind would want to play a game that requires an internet connection for singleplayer if they could have the same game for free and without any requirement for the internet connection?
  8. Torque 3D Now Available on GitHub

    Well, considering the ide is qt-based it's probably not that hard to port it to Linux. Edit: Actually, is the ide even in the repository? I've yet to find it if it is.
  9. Torque 3D Now Available on GitHub

    I guess I'm going to check it out of github later and look at it closer. X11 code is present, though I'm having trouble finding the build system. Looks like it really is just source code
  10. Torque 3D Now Available on GitHub

    Ah, seems like there's no x11 code. Ok.
  11. Torque 3D Now Available on GitHub

    The sources seem to at least have some code for running on Linux. Maybe it already works. Have you tried compiling it?
  12. Alternative minecraft

    [quote]YOU CAN'T CHANGE STH WRITE YOUR OWN.[/quote] considering the sheer number of minecraft clones out there a better idea would be to find an open source clone and change it instead. Minetest or Blockmania for example.
  13. An RPG without levels/experience

    [quote]Imagine: characters with static skills, and the challenge is how best to use the skills they have to overcome what obstacles the game throws at them.[/quote] Isn't this just like any other action/adventure or tactical (e.g. commandos) game then?
  14. Ideas for game settings I usually borrow from manga or stories I read (most of the time while reading a story I come across an event in it or some description which gets me thinking on what a world would be like if there was something like the thing that caught my mind in it). For abstract puzzle or arcade games I pick a game mechanic and try to develop the concept trying to see where it would lead me. And sometimes I start with the goal of making a game that would allow the player to develop certain skills that could be helpful in real life (after all, skill development is what games excel at).
  15. The Open Source Concept when Applied to Games

    [quote]Linux runs almost entirely on open source software[/quote] I think you got that backwards, considering Linux is just the kernel [quote]would Open Source game development ever really work?[/quote] Already does, seeing how many open source games are out there. [quote]Games are created in a pipeline much more similar to films than other software development.[/quote] Yes, but what of it? There is no specific model for open source software development. The only difference between developing open source software and closed source software is that anyone can try to contribute to your software or fork it. Anyone can try to contribute to the art in an open source game project or fork the game and use their own art. [quote]Could Open Source game development work with the various Agile and non agile pipelines in the industry today?[/quote] Can you clarify what you mean by "work with"? You can't create art for a game in an Agile fashion, can you? Or do you mean just the coding part of a game? [quote name='Legendre' timestamp='1340466897' post='4952028'] Consider a open source fiction novel, or an open source painting. Would it work? [/quote] I assume by "open source" you mean "collaborative" here. There are good examples of both actually(however with paintings it's abstract art).