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    System-wide mouse and keyboard hooking

    Sounds more like you're trying to write a 'bot, rather than a trojan. But still, there are legitimate reasons for writing a global hook. For example, here is a program I wrote that installs a global mouse hook that translates middle-button clicks into left-button double-clicks. It includes source, so should get you started.
  2. Dean Harding

    QueryPerformanceCounter leap

    Quote:Original post by Jason Doucette But, while we're on the topic of thread affinities... what exactly is the likelihood that a program will be moved from one CPU to another during execution? It happens all the time. The "soft" affinity that a thread gets which "usually" keeps it on the same thread is very soft. It'll jump between CPUs a lot more than you may think.
  3. Quote:Original post by Dean Harding My other vote would be for Rory Blyth. Some of his stuff is just pure gold (like this one) Sorry, I just can't help linking to this post of Rory's - this is why he's on my list of favourite bloggers -- it's generally not for his technical content :)
  4. Quote:Original post by KaptainKomunist John Dvorak all the way. That's a joke, right? I'd vote for Larry Osterman. He's not as prolific as some of the others, but the quality is usually pretty high. My other vote would be for Rory Blyth. Some of his stuff is just pure gold (like this one)
  5. Dean Harding

    Closing the analog hole (no more recording TV signals)

    Quote:Original post by Mithrandir So it seems that you won't be able to watch next-gen DVD movies on your computer unless you buy a special computer from an OEM. You can buy stand alone monitors with HDCP. The thing about HDCP that's scary is the key revocation list. Basically, if a content provider doesn't like your player, they can just revoke the encryption key of your player, rendering it useless. So let's say Company X makes HD-DVD (or Blu-Ray) players, and they comply with the media companies requests (i.e. no unencrypted HD outputs). That's fine, you're nice and legal so it doesn't worry you. Until Evil Corp. comes along and steals Company X's encryption key. They produce players which output unencrypted HD. So what do the media companies do? They put Evil Corp. (and hence Company X's) key on the key revocation list. Now everybody who legally purchased a Company X player and only legal media has a $500 paper weight. That's scary. Disclaimer: I don't know about the actual technology used, I'm just going by what I've read, so it may be possible to "ignore" the key revocation list. But the thing is, media players will be contractually obliged to honour it in order to get a key in the first place. But that's not to say that Evil Corp. will have to honour it since they've got stolen keys anyway. So would there be any point in revoking keys at all? That just raises the question, why have key revocation lists to begin with if Evil Corp. can just ignore them?
  6. Dean Harding

    [java] Discovering the ip

    In general, you can't know your "IP address" as seen from the outside world, even if you create a server socket. This is because your computer may be behind a NAT, which you don't have control over. You can find your network adapter's IP address (which the link provided by RayNbow shows you how to do that) but that's not necessarily what the rest of the world will use to connect to you.
  7. Dean Harding

    [.net] more about sql server...

    Of course. You can use both the managed libraries and the unmanages libraries from C++, just depends if you're doing mostly-managed stuff or mostly-unmanaged stuff I guess.
  8. Dean Harding

    rDNS with VBScript

    This page has a sample which parses the output from the nslookup command on Windows.
  9. Applications are Unicode by default in VSC++ 2005 (it's faster than Ansi, since no coversions need to be done - the Windows NT API is Unicode underneath, Ansi APIs have their parameters converted to Unicode underneath). So basically, instead of what you have you want: wchar_t *g_wszClassName = L"MyClassName"; hwnd = CreateWindowEx( WS_EX_CLIENTEDGE, g_wszClassName, L"A simple test program", WS_OVERLAPPEDWINDOW, CW_USEDEFAULT, CW_USEDEFAULT, 400, 250, NULL, NULL, hInstance, NULL);
  10. Dean Harding

    [winsock] UDP question

    Each call to send is one packet. By "a packet will arrive, or it won't" they mean that you don't have to worry about "invalid" packets - if the network layer detects an invalid packet, it'll just drop it without telling your application - as if the packet never arrived. When you call recv, you have to make sure the buffer you pass in is big enough to hold your biggest packet (it's best to define a "maximum packet size" - say 512 bytes, and never send anything bigger) otherwise it may get truncated and recv returns an error (the rest of the data is lost).
  11. Dean Harding

    Internet Explorer Beta 2 goes public

    Quote:Original post by Lode Hmm yeah I've seen this blog before, but, is it official :) Er, yes it's official. That was blogged by one of the developers - seems rather strange that they'd outright lie... Anyway, I just tried it myself and can confirm that it works.
  12. Dean Harding

    Internet Explorer Beta 2 goes public

    Quote:Original post by Lode Does this IE7 render translucent png's correctly, like all modern browsers (except IE6) do? Yeah, it does.
  13. Dean Harding

    Find Out What Tray Icon Is

    Quote:Original post by Nemesis2k2 Sorry, that was a little snappy. No worries :)
  14. Dean Harding

    [.net] Why is my .NET 2.0 Prog so slow?

    This blog explains your problem. Have you tried dalep's solution? It should work.
  15. Dean Harding

    Find Out What Tray Icon Is

    Quote:Original post by Nemesis2k2 I know, but it doesn't change the fact that it can't. Of course, I was just trying to give the reason...
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