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  1. Thanks, that's exactly what I needed :-)
  2. I have a script that does map generation for 2D game. It's called several times, once for each map it has to generate.   I passed a pointer to a map being generated as userdata into script context, but I don't know how to access it in a global function called from script. Am I missing something in docs?
  3. Quote:Original post by Adam_42 You can still do it in software. Just create a replacement D3D dll which implements it via shaders. See http://www.gamedev.net/community/forums/topic.asp?topic_id=359794 for an example of the techniques involved.Big thanks! Just what I needed :)
  4. Thanks for replyies - it seems that I writed confusing description of problem; I am looking for emulator that can emulate EMBM on hardware side, so the program which require EMBM will work correctly
  5. Is it possible to emulate Environment-Mapped Bump Mapping (Matrox G400 feature) on modern 3d cards? Could someone point me to some information about this, as I can't find anything on Google?
  6. C4 Game Engine

    I'm going to buy C4 game engine and I want to get some opinions from the people who tried it before. I thought that in official board the opinions would be rather subjective, so I went here. So, what are your experiences with that engine?
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