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  1. My portfolio: https://diftow.artstation.com/ Programmer position & project: I am looking for a programmer to help with cutting the workload in half, since I am still learning and the project isn't tiny. The game is a multiplayer Pirate themed FPS. A directional melee system, with projectile ranged weapons. The engine I am using is Unreal 4, and there is an existing project with art assets and code already, so it isn't from scratch. The minimum task, is to get to a prototype necessary for Kickstarter, so that funds can be raised to complete the entire game. You will be compensated with the Kickstarter funds for both prior work & future work & share in revenue from sales as well. I can also barter early on, by providing you with my 3D artist services for other projects in exchange for your help with coding on this project. This is some of the coding done so far. About me: Hello, my name is Christopher. I'm a 3D artist & an intermediate coder based in Florida. I started 3D modelling 13 years ago as a modder/mapper, and then professionally in 2013. I have 5+ years of professional work experience, and still working with 2 companies since 2014. I have worked on several shipped games (including PC Building Simulator & Sailaway: Sailing Sim) Over a dozen 3D apps & motion graphics projects with the same company for 5 years, for large clients, like General Electric. Skills Overiew: • 3D modelling, animation, & unwrapping in Max, Maya, & Zbrush. • Texturing & Baking with Substance Painter + Designer, XNormal & Photoshop. • Proficient with Unreal, Unity, & Source engine. (Intermediate with CryEngine & GoDot) • Intermediate programming with C# & C++. Proficient in Blueprints. • Traditional/offline rendering – Vray, MentalRay. Contact Info: Skype: DIFTOW Phone/WhatsApp: 954 470 6628 Discord: DIFTOW#2367 Some art assets: WIP Maps
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