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  1. Yeah, you can. Just make sure the data types in the angular brackets within the specialized template and the function declarations match. So, if you got... template < > class Vector < some_type, some_dimension > { public: void DoADoADo( void ); }; Declare the function like this... template < > void Vector < some_type, some_dimension > ::DoADoADo( void ) { }
  2. Moonshoe

    Troubles sleeping

    Quote:Original post by geo2004 I doubt that it is from overtraining. I have always been very active growing up. I played 4 sports a year from 7th grade all the way through my senior year. I played baseball for a year at college. I always stayed active during college after I quit. Often times during college my friends would put 1/2-1 hour in lifting, then play a few basketball pick-up games (2-4x a week). Between college and the time I got this job, which was about 4 months, I spent close to 2 hours in the gym 5 days a week, because I was bored. I have brought my time down to about an hour in the last year shortly after I got this job. If I wasn't in the gym I was mountain biking for about an hour. I have taken several breaks from any workouts. Right after I hurt my ankle in December, i didn't really do anything for about 2 months. Then after my knee injury I didn't do anything for about a month. I didn't notice any difference in sleeping in those times. I finally heard back from my doctor's about both of my injuries. One of them, my ankle, was my fault. I played a pickup game after Christmas last year and sprained it very bad. I am having arthroscopy surgery in about a month to clean up all the scar tissue that is still in it. My knee injury was caused from jumping when shooting a lay up in basketball. My doctor said I didn't tear anything, but it's basically the onset of Arthritis. He said it is probably mostly due to being a catcher in baseball. I played from the time I was 11 to 20, and was almost always catching. Looking back, between practices and games, I would bet I was up and down on my knees for 10-15 hours a week from April to July. That number was higher for the year I played in college. Insomnia could be a dismissed symptom of arthritis. Also, injury and some high-level sports can cause arthritis. So yeah, you should really talk to your doctor about it. Since you have been extremely active since you were a kid, and had trouble sleeping since you were a kid, it could have been that. Maybe your extremely active lifestyle caused your arthritis, which caused your sleeping problems. Anything could have caused your insomnia, but you should really talk to your doctor if nothing is helping.
  3. Moonshoe

    Microwaveable container/lunchbox/whatever?

    Bring an empty microwavable container with you. Bring a can of soup or one of the dry goods and keep them in zip-lock bags. Put them together when you get to the lounge. [Edited by - Moonshoe on August 19, 2009 11:16:55 PM]
  4. Moonshoe

    How many of you actually have girlfriends/wifes?

    OP, maybe this is your problem.
  5. Moonshoe

    Is this variant of the big bang theory possible?

    If you think about it, does time really even exist? Time is a man-made thing used to record history, describe motion, predict what's going to happen later based on the past, and whatnot. In the "real world," is there such things as a present, past, and future? Think about it this way, if you saw a crunchy leaf, and you stepped on it into a million pieces, the history that it was once a full-sized leaf is "the past." Where is "the past?" It's your memory, the memory of the leaf once being there. Where is the leaf's history in the physical world? Maybe that's why it's impossible to travel through time, because you can't travel through something that doesn't exist. In the link, he measured the smallest unit of time ever measured. Time, the way we see it, can be infinitely small. Maybe it just disappears.
  6. Moonshoe

    What do you do with your game ideas?

    I have a lot of game ideas just stored as a bunch of text files. I would just randomly type stuff up as soon as I think of something and put it where all my other ideas are, or email it to myself if I'm typing it up somewhere else. Most of them I did forget or thought it was stupid later on. Out of maybe 20 ideas, there would be one idea that I still like after a few months. However, I always change the idea in some way to make it an even better idea. Over time, I like the idea a lot more than when I've first thought of it. Then, if I like the idea enough to make it more than just a description of an idea, I start sketching pictures of characters, worlds, etc., and write a story for it. Then, start writing algorithms for the implementation of the idea.
  7. Moonshoe

    Trying to define left

    Left or right? Using the sentence above, "left" is on the left side, and "right" is on the right side.
  8. Moonshoe

    Apple's iBox?

    Yeah, definitely not true. Especially not after this.
  9. Moonshoe

    I Have Air Inside Me!!! O_O

    Let 'er rip!
  10. Moonshoe

    Something for fun :)

    Quote:Original post by Apoca Why weren't these nice (we are nice people ) people not reading his story? Oh yeah, that part with parenthesis I was just pointing out as a correction, like when I said "stay in the same tense." Since you also said, "This outburst of rage angered the nice people," it was assumed that the people ARE indeed nice, and it wasn't just the noob's opinion (before you said, "or so that's what the noob thought," or something similar before I changed it). So, I just thought it would be better to just simply make it, "Why weren't these nice people not reading his story?" EDIT: "Why were these nice people not reading his story?" Yeah, that should be "were," because it's not "Why were not these people not reading his story?" Sorry bout' that. :) Oh yeah, and we are nice people. [smile]
  11. Moonshoe

    Something for fun :)

    I like it! This should be stickied! It was entertaining as well as informing. :D --- Okay, I've made a few grammar corrections in the story. Read through and see if you like, or if I missed some things. [smile] Quote: The Noob That Didn't Know... An Apocalypse story Once upon a time, there was a noob. This noob didn't bother to learn any of the rules, like most noobs. And, like other noobs, didn't know the proper posting etiquette. Like most noobs, this noob didn't bother to learn any of the rules, nor did he know the proper posting etiquette. Unfortunately, he wanted people to read his story, but neither followed the rules, nor used proper etiquette. However, he wanted people to read his story. Unfortunately, he didn't follow the rules, nor used proper etiquette. When the noob posted his story, nobody bothered to read it because it was a big block of text with no paragraphs, had bad grammar, horrible spelling, and even a few words in 1337 speak. This angered the noob. Why weren't these nice (we are nice people [smile]) people not reading his story? The enraged noob screamed, "y wnt u morns reed my wndrfl 1337 st0ry?!??!?!1111one1" This outburst of rage angered the nice people, so they retaliated. They yelled back, "Who are you, a noob who can't even spell read, to call US "morns". QQ more and go back to your emo boards!!" This angered the noob even more, so he sent back a volley of insults, curses, and other bad things. He even brought in the nice people's mothers! The battle raged on for days, until it caught the attention of the great Boolean, from the land of Toronto, Canada! In his mighty voice, he commanded, "Stop this foolishness! Anger and hate only leads to anger and hate!" The noob attacked Boolean and his wisdom. insulting his family and friends, calling him names, and finally left the forum forever in a fit of even more rage. The noob insulted his family and friends and called him names. Finally, he left the forum forever in a fit of nooby rage. (keep everything in the same tense. Don't mix "I did" with "I'm doing") The others applauded, but Boolean was saddened. He felt that he had failed. In his sadness, Boolean made a decision. He called out to the others, "Listen to me and I shall lay out rules for post to go by, and save all from the troubles of something like the failure of the noob from happening again!" And so, Boolean, in all his wisdom, laid out rules and etiquette. The rules grew over the time. The others got into the idea of The Rules, as they are known to be called, and helped out. "Don't forget, no 1337 speak," one called out. "And no blocks of text," called another. And soon, The Rules became what they are today: A mighty list of rules and guidelines for newcomers to follow. They were stickied at the top of the forum to prevent another incident like The Noob. Unfortunately, some newcomers fail to read The Rules, and consequently have similar stories like The Noob. However, thanks to the Great Boolean, the incidents have decreased significantly. And that's the end of my tale of the sorrow of an uninformed noob, the anger that can grow, and the hatred that can spawn. And of the kindness of some. Hopefully this tale will entertain others, and serve as a guide to follow the rules and use proper etiquette. Thank you for listening to an oldman's tale and good night! The end.
  12. Moonshoe

    Visual C++ 2008 Express Help!

    Quote:Original post by conf1de Did you forget to add '#include "stdafx.h"' to your source? Make sure to add it before all other headers. If any other headers are before it, it won't compile.
  13. Moonshoe

    Visual C++ 2008 Express Help!

    Quote:Original post by conf1de If it helps, its a CLR console application project. I think this may be the problem. Try creating a new project, but save it as a Win32 Console Application instead.
  14. Moonshoe

    Visual C++ 2008 Express Help!

    Have you tried Debug->Start Without Debugging? That will compile and run it right after it compiles.
  15. Moonshoe

    beginning windows programming problem

    Go to Tools->Package Manager and click Install, then go to the DirectX package wherever you saved it.
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