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    Yes, No ROYALTIES. The FAQ is for old version, I'll update it when I'll release the new 1.4.6 version.
  2. Hi guys,   I've Finally  open the STEAM GREENLIGHT page of S2ENGINE HD   Vote ‘Yes’ to get S2ENGINE HD onto STEAM!   The version I've proposed on GreenLight will be the 1.4.6.   Following are some of the new features you will find:   - NEW OCEAN SYSTEM   - IMPROVED ROADS TOOL   I've also implemented a new mesh deforming tool using splines, to create, for example, fences, guard rails, etc..   - NEW GameMachine TOOL for visually designing game logic:   - RIVERS AND LAKES     - IMPROVED CUTSCENE TOOL   And many many other new cool things!!!     For more info you can go:   - On the official S2Engine HD blog: http://www.s2powered.com/s2engine-hd-1-4-6-preview/   - On STEAM GREENLIGHT S2Engine HD page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=407119386   - On ModDB S2Engine HD page: http://www.moddb.com/engines/s2engine-hd    
  3. bugbuster77

    S2ENGINE 1.4.6 runs on IntelHD 4000 graphics

    But S2ENGINE HD is free to use. Go to www.s2powered.com to download it.   Are you sure Unity, C4, Leadwerks are more powerful than S2ENGINE? Have you tried it? Here are some rendering feature available: - Deferred shading - Subsurface scattering and traslucency - SSAO and SSGI - Realtime local reflections - local cubemap (updated basing on day time) both for specular and diffure ambient reflection - Animated Vegetation  - Cascade shadow mapping - Night and day cycle - Atmosphere scattering - Motion blur, DOF, color correction, lens flare - HDR with filmic tonemapping - Physical based BDRF  - Automatic exposure control   Also It is available a complete IDE for: - terrain editing - vegetation splatting/editing - visual cutscene editing - scripting - Road generation/editing - time of day and weather system editing - Visual event handler system   And much, much much more...
  4. Hi Guys,   Recently I've posted a new video that shows a demo of upcoming S2ENGINE HD 1.4.6 running at 1280x800 resolution on a 13" MacBookPro (equipped with Windows 7)  with following specs: Intel i5 quad core CPU  Intel HD 4000 integrated video card 4 GB RAM Windows 7   [youtube]http:[/youtube]
  5. Hi guys,   I have finally released S2Engine HD 1.4.5 Beta, and now, It's free for all.     Faster, easier, better, FREE. The new S2ENGINE HD 1.4.5 is the ideal engine for those who want to get maximum results with minimum effort. Next-generation features and a complete visual editor will allow you to create high-quality video games without requiring extensive resources and large teams. Ideal for the modern indie game developers,   it's now FREE FOR ALL!.   DOWNLOAD NOW
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