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  1. Game Engine (or game to mod)

    Thanks, will have a look at Skyrim for sure since that seems a re-occuring thought :)   As for world size, I think that fairly small is fine at this stage.  I'm sure long term big would be great, but as a starting point anything is likely to do.
  2. Game Engine (or game to mod)

    Thanks for the input so far, any other ideas?   What if easing up some requirements like first person? Anyone got experience with RPG Maker MV? Or something similar?
  3. Game Engine (or game to mod)

      Can you create a entire new world there, or just mod into theirs?
  4. Been trying to search as I know this has been discussed before, but coming up blank. My wife has some ideas on a game she wants to make, but she is more from a graphics / writing perspective - But part of the project is that she wants to learn some programming. First she was looking at Unity, but I think that might be to much from the ground up for her - We're looking to build an quite free form RPG experience, with elements of trades killing, character development, questing (driving a story). Ideally, she wants the game to be first perspective as well. So, looking for ideas on game engines, or even highly mod able games we can work with (Neverwinter night I thought could be an option, but it feels quite dated). Many thanks
  5. Starting Someone in Programming

    Good input, thanks guys - I was indeed thinking "Fluffy" but you make valid points as that would have less real world applications.   I would say C# or Java as languages in that case.
  6. I am asking on this forum as this is to my experience a great community - The question is not for me (I did 10 years or so in corporate and web programming and are now in PM, just fiddling with programming hobby stuff) but for a young relative.   He is fancying a career change and wants to understand "what it is like to be a programmer" - He is reasonable at maths, and has good skills with computers - but no programming skills.   He is signing up on some classes for it, but I wanted to maybe point him to a few simple tutorials - maybe stuff you would give to kids or early teens.   But rather than just trusting google for this I wanted to see if there are any recommendations from this community - Note this is more general programming than games specifically.
  7. As this sticky: is a few years old; and can't be commented on - I was curious to see what people are using these days for their indie, and hobby (to be indie) projects.   Browsing through the list in that thread I have to say that the Unreal engine looks really good with a reasonable entry price - But looking for others experiences and recommendations.
  8. Game to try out a RPG system

      You sure it's open source? I can't find anywhere to get at the source in there, nor the server software - I do see a post that they made their graphics free though...   Nm found it ;)   Still more suggestions would be good
  9. Game to try out a RPG system

    Thanks - I'll take a look at it; I was hoping for something quite ready in terms of graphics etc as this is more of a test of an idea of a system.
  10. So, I wanted to play around with a skill based multiplayer RPG, in medieval fantasy settings.   Rather than developing a game or using a MMO builder / engine, I wanted to "proof of concept" it in an existing game engine.   But I need input on what game engine to use, here are my requirements:     1) Able to modify, quite extensively, the skills in the game (such as creating tradeskills, items that requires skills etc) - I want it skill based rather than class based if possible.   2) Able to create a decent size area for playing using stock graphics, including quest, gathering and npc combat   3) Set-up a small server, allowing a handfull of people to connect.     Any thoughts? I'm thinking Neverwinter night? Or am I better of using a MMO engine? I have a license to Realm Crafter, but havent used it much.
  11. Update, turns out my provider wont let me open a socket server side anyway ;)   So, what I'm thinking now is client side JavaScript to do the RPC calling and then just send the data up to the PHP for stuffing in the database...
  12. Yea, that would be pretty - But I am not sure my provide will let me run the PHP persistant.
  13. So - I find myself "needing" to create a web app to keep track of my (and some friends) stats in League of Legends.   Researching a bit, I found that you can talk to the servers using RPC (really RTMPS) to get the information I want.   Basically, I am creating a web app that will let people pull their stats to a MySQL database. The code is PHP.   So, I now have a Java client that gets the data that I want, but - the response times are very slow on the queries so I am debating how to translate this to a PHP web app.   What happens is:  - log in to RPC - send relevant queries - wait for responses   Now, all my host gives me is the ability to run PHP and MySQL - So, if I were to put this code in a PHP page, that would become very slow and unresponsive.   It's not a huge problem as it will be people I know using it, but as a design exercise - How should I help mitigate this?   Should I use a HTML5/JavaScript client side that kicks off the PHP requests but "seem" responsive (not sure what the web page time outs are).   Should I put the RPC calls on the client side, and then just send the data to PHP?   Any thoughts?   cheers,                  
  14. Diablo 3 gives all players their own loot, which has both upsides and downsides from a design perspective, but it would solve the problem stated.
  15. need a new effect for mapmaking skill in RPG

    In Everquest there was a "sense direction" skill (I think it was called) - It determined how well your in game compass worked - there were no maps, just a compass, that was really unreliable if your "sense direction" was low - and got more reliable as the skill leveled up.   Just a thought, it's not quite "map making", but sounds like the idea could work (I didn't read all comments, so sorry if this have already been brought up).