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    D3D11 - Bitmap Font Rendering

      Yes, my font is just packed into a texture. I wrote a tool that generates bitmap fonts and it also creates the glyph data I need alongside the actual texture.   So when I pass a character, it's indexes to an array with information for drawing it so I have the character's bounds, texture coordinates and whatever else I needed.
  2. clashie

    D3D11 - Bitmap Font Rendering

    I just do the naive thing with 2D and it seems quite fast. Even on older hardware I could throw tens of thousands of them around like it was nothing.   I pre-fill a static 16 bit index buffer and create a dynamic vertex buffer for my sprites. I create the sprite geometry each frame and do some basic sorting and batching. It's pretty easy to batch large amounts of the sprites into a single draw call. Buffers for it are created once up front and destroyed only at the end.   Since the index buffer was 16 bit, I capped the number of sprites at 10922 per draw call.   (10922 * 4) * sizeof(Vertex2D)... which was 32. So 1398016 bytes for the vertex buffer. About 1.4mb.
  3. clashie

    Vulkan is Next-Gen OpenGL

      The drivers at release were indeed broken. It's since been fixed, so redownload them.
  4. clashie

    Vulkan is Next-Gen OpenGL

      You and me both. And what looks like others, according to google.   AMD goof?
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