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  1. reaptide

    How much to do you pay to avoid DUW?

    Yikes! There's some pretty expensive connections in here. I'm paying $48.90cdn for a 1024/256kbps connection. Add another $48.90cdn for my cable TV. Pretty good deal I find.
  2. Quote:Original post by lethalhamster Bring her a pie. Maybe she will soften up on the whole class and you will be able to leasurly play Ultimate Frisby your own way and everyone will be happy. Or maybe she will throw it in your face and tell you to start running. Nah! She'll have him eat the whole thing in five minutes and then have him running laps around the track double time until he's hurling fruit flavoured chunks.
  3. Stick with it! You're going to feel like absolute shit for the first couple of days, but it will get and better and you'll get healthier for it. Stick with it a while and you'll get addicted to it, and then soon enough you'll be the most buffed geek in school. I'm assuming that you're rather young (Younger than 40 at least). If that's the case, then a little tough exercise isn't going kill you. Knock back some extra stength Advil and chill any of the bad aches and you'll be fine. Increasing your protien and calcium intake a little bit will help in the long run as well. Edit: Of course my PE teacher for most of my school years was an ex-drill instuctor in the armed forces. He wasn't happy unless someone ended up puking before class ended.
  4. reaptide


    Every now and then the Insectarium here in Montreal has a bug eating event. People that visit the museum get a chance to try out various insect delicacies. Maggots are pretty damn good. Kind of a nutty taste to them when live and they taste like shrimp when cooked. Insects are not dirty critters for the most part (Dung Beetles! Ewww!). Look at how small they are. We wouldn't notice a little speck of dust on us, but to them it like this giant thing of crap stuck to them. Of course they're gonna get rid of it. Edit: Probably not a good idea to eat any that came out of rotten food. Bacteria is still a problem even with really tiny critters.
  5. reaptide

    Let's play with Google Earth

    Try something a little less well know:
  6. reaptide

    Let's play with Google Earth

    Quote:Original post by Hedos Should be an easy one: *** Snip Pic of the Big-O *** The Olympic Stadium in Montreal. I can see the tower from my roof.
  7. reaptide

    Tyson's planning a new career?

    Quote:Original post by Maega ...Being aroused by said picture might mean you are though. Ah crap!
  8. reaptide

    Flight Simulator addicts. [img heavy]

    Quote:Original post by vNistelrooy Quote:Original post by reaptide.... Not a bit unrealistic? No AAAs no SAMs? WTF? You're right, there are no SAMs. Those were blown up by the Tornados about two minutes before I arrived. As well, the AAA had their Firecan fire control radar blown up as well, greatly reducing their accuracy. The standard attack profile for the BLU-107 is low and fast straight down the runway. If you're going fast enought the AAA shouldn't be able to pin you down for the two or three seconds that it takes to get the bombs off. You better go heavily evasive after dropping and dump flares like nuts or your going to get chewed to pieces or blown up by a short range IR SAM. Unfortunatly as I said in my post, the tracers from the AAA aren't showing up in the screen shot for some reason. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't, hopefully the devs will fix that eventually. And ejecting in a AAA killbox wouldn't be the healthiest thing in the world. A fighter jet can take a couple of light hits. A soft, squishy human body on the other hand, can't.
  9. reaptide

    Flight Simulator addicts. [img heavy]

    Quote:Original post by johnnyBravo Hey I've just got a quick question on the joystick controls, is moving the stick on the y-axis(eg left and right) roll the plane? And the z-axis (twist left/right) yaw the plane? Cuz im playing battlefield 2 demo with the aircraft and helecopters, i love the helecopters, flying through streets and crushing infantry... Thanks Yep, that'll do it. Also remember that pushing foward will make the houses look bigger and pulling back will make the houses look smaller.
  10. reaptide

    Flight Simulator addicts. [img heavy]

    Quote:Original post by DogCity I got FS2004 because I love exploring, I'm not to shabby at flying the planes, but its scoping out areas I want to visit in real life that I enjoy the most. This actually became worthwhile when I got Flight Simulator Global 2005.. Which is a 14Gb expansion, which basically height maps the entire planet in far more detail them microsofts packaged data. The alps were once big round white hills, now they are beautiful accurate jagged mountains. Harrier? Check! High Res Alps? Check! Does it have an accurate Harrier flight model? If so, where'd you get it?
  11. reaptide

    Flight Simulator addicts. [img heavy]

    Quote:Original post by Programmer One I just recently bought Falcon 4.0 Allied Force and it totally rocks. Agreed! An absolute blast. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles of the currently update version of regular Falcon (Either SP4 or Freefalcon), but it completely stable. No more crashing to the desktop while landing after a busy OCA Strike.
  12. reaptide

    Flight Simulator addicts. [img heavy]

    Now this is where its at. Combat Flight Sims. In particular, Falcon 4. You get all of the mind bending complexities of a Civilian Sim as well as having things shooting at you. Earlier today I started a new Balkans Campaign. Falcon 4 isn't just an F-16 simulation. You could more accurately called it a war simulation with a pretty good flight sim included. You don't fly one unrelated mission after another (I'm looking at you Lo-Mac!!). You play the part of just one pilot participating in a constantly evolving war. Whether you're in the cockpit flying towards you next target, or in the ready room prepping for you next sortie, the war continues. The graphics are a little dated, it is a five year old game after all, but that doesn't mean anything. The emmersion is so complete, that you won't even notice. Here's what I spent my morning doing. Maintaining air superiority over the former Yugoslavic states. I chose to fly with the Dutch 730th Fighter Squadron out of Pula Airbase in Croatia. The 730th flies the F-16A MLU (Mid-Life Update). Its basically an older F-16 that's been modernized with all the latest wizz bang technology coming out of the arms industry. Today's mission, shut down Zagreb International. The Serbians have their hands on it and NATO ain't to happy about that. Its regrettable they we have to bomb a Croatian Airport, but its better than letting Serbia sortie the Mig-21 squadron they have based there. The idea is to hit it so fast they won't have time to put up a single bird. Here's a look at the office. Another one of Falcon 4's qualities is the accurate modelling of the F-16. Almost all of those buttons are clickable and do what they would do in the real thing. Except the Drag Chute switch. The Dutch chose to put a radar jamming system in the place the chute would normally go. I guess they have long runways in their home country. The flight to Zagreb is a rather uneventful short hop of about 120 miles. Uneventful for me at least. There are about another dozen flights operating in my vacinity, doing whatever they've been tasked to do. Lobo 1, a pair of Dutch F-16s, have been tasked with escorting my flight to the target and Banshee 1, four British Tornados, have been tasked with blowing up some of the air defenses around Zagreb Intl. before I get there. Numerous other flights are off doing whatever they have been tasked to do, and the enemy are doing the same thing. An airline pilot coming into Zagreb Intl. might think he's a little too high in this shot, but its just perfect for me. In seconds I'll be rippling a line of BLU-107 anti-runway munitions along the runway. A normal bomb would detonate on impact with the surface and cause a small crater. It doesn't take much to bulldoze the hole and pour in new cement. The BLU-107 will penetrate up to three meters in the runway and then detonate, shattering the runway and spreading tons of debrise all over the place, making a massive upheaved crater. Its gonna take signifigantly longer to repair. And there they go. Just imagine the black spot as being huge craters where the runway just isn't there anymore. My wingman followed in quick succession, dropping on the other end of the runway and the other to guys in my flight finished off the second runway. Zagreb is now out of commission for at least six hours. Just long enough for nearby ground troops to fight their way in and secure it, hopefully. Unfortunately none of my screen seem to show the air defenses doing their thing. This shot should show a swarm of yellow tracers flying all around behind my aircraft. Remember anytime there is a tracer, there is usually five or six regular bullets behind it. Lobo 1 is having a hard time with a Serbian Mig-29. The Fulcrum barely dodges a shot from an AMRAAM. On returning to base, I find that the enemy has been a bunch of busy bees. They've return the favor. Pula Airbase is out of commission and it looks like the Serbians have runway busters of their own. To make matters worse, my flight has been diverted to an airfield somewhere in Italy, a flight of about three hundred miles. All in a days work I guess. Time to sit back and enjoy a little MS Flight Sim bordem for a while, at least I get to visit Italy.
  13. reaptide

    Flight Simulator addicts. [img heavy]

    Try a high cross wind landing at the new Hong Kong airport in a 747-400. That should put some hair on your chest. See how many tries it takes you to do it without striking an engine.
  14. reaptide

    Flight Simulator addicts. [img heavy]

    Quote:Original post by Perfunction Quote:I just took off from Londow Heathrow, winds fair. Some nasty turbulence however. Plane is filled with tourists. Landing will be on the new Polderbaan in my own country: the Netherlands. Of course the plane is a 737. :) How is this fun? About as much fun as watching paint dry. You can get a complete experience by having someone dictate headings and altitudes to you while watching said paint dry. This is assuming that you're taking a 747-400 from New York to Heathrow. Seven hours of pure boredom. It even takes forever using time compression. The most fun I've had in MS Flight Sim is trying to pull of crazy stunts in the oddest ways. Trying landing a 737 on the Aircraft Carrier out near Los Angeles. Or landing a Cesna on top of the Sears tower. A Beach King Air through the Arc Du Triomph in France. The flight modelling in the game is some of the best I've ever seen. Its the only game where my buddies and I have been able to do close formation flying without worrying about an odd warp or packet skip sending us all crashing into each other. Performing a Snowbird routine with nine other guys in Tutors is a heck of a challenge.
  15. reaptide

    What do you find lacks from FPS games?

    Quote:Original post by mittens More "what the fuck, just blow up shit" games. Absolutely!!!
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