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    Effect of game programmer status on females

    Quote:Original post by mikeman Ok,but more than one girls won't hurt.It's bad to think that "somewhere there's someone for me",because the truth is,there isn't,at least not in a "fate" sense.You must try several options,and see what's best for you.Geeks tend to stuck into the first girl they meet,and that's dangerous,because you may even get dragged into a marriage. ya lol, you DO have to be a little pro-active, I'm not saying they fall into your lap, but at some point in your life you do run across several people that will 'click' with you. When you feel a click, its time to lose time and money OOPS I mean date.
  2. master_ball

    Effect of game programmer status on females

    hahahaha There is a lady out there for every guy no matter what your interest/profession is. Just do what you love to do, things will follow naturally. If you are looking for women to worship you for becoming a game programmer I suggest you go a cos-play convention or stay with Yahoo chat in some kind of fangirl room for Final Fantasy or Sailor Moon.
  3. master_ball

    strtok chokes

    quoted from unix man page on strtok: Quote: If a token ends with a delimiter, this delimiting charac- ter is overwritten with a \0 and a pointer to the next character is saved for the next call to strtok. The delimiter string delim may be different for each call. BUGS Never use this function. This function modifies its first argument. The identity of the delimiting character is lost. This function cannot be used on constant strings.
  4. master_ball

    A forum-based RPG (some help, please)

    I had an idea for an RPG & forumish site at one time. Think of all the people that sit and read forums all day, that is a HUGE untapped gaming market. The system requirements for a game like this would be REALLY low, almost anyone that can view a modern webpage would be able to play it. I have seen some RPG forums, but they focus on the role playing. There weren't any mechanics/rules/system running the forum, just moderators.
  5. master_ball

    [.net] C# tool development

    I can lay things out with the Form Designer, I have set up a main menu, and see how to tie in the code. Is there an easy way to do a OpenFile Dialog? I know how to call this in Win32, is there a way in C# with the Form Designer? If not is there a C# call for that dialog? Thanks@!
  6. Hi, I've been looking everywhere for a good tutorial on how to make a windows application with C# and winforms. I'm wanting to make a simple 2D map making tool. Most of the examples I find are how to make a web browser. Has anyone found any in-depth tutorials on setting up various kinds of window apps?
  7. I ran into this problem a while ago, check it here:HERE. Basically you can compile the stuff you need for .NET into your game, so it won't be dependant on the framework.
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