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    Beginner programming advice needed

    I don't think XNA is a good choice. It's quite low-level but just a few steps above DirectX 9. The way I started game development was with the Irrlicht engine. It's a really simple 3d engine that has excellent documentation and even ports to C#, Java, and VB. I would recommend starting a project with C# and Irrlicht's .NET port. Hope it helps!
  2. Jgoldnight

    An xna tutorial i need to find?

    You'll have to take the ship's rotation into account. The rotation is defined by a Matrix, so you should be able to just multiply the rotation matrix by a unit vector pointing forwards (i.e. Vector3(0,0,-1) ). This calculation will give you a forward vector in the current direction of the ship. The final step is to just have the bullet travel along that forward vector. Edit: Sorry, I just realized that you were referring to a 2d sprite (it's a 3D development habit). You should be able to apply the same principle of having a, now, 2d vector pointing in the direction of the positive y-axis, and use that as the forward vector. Hope it helps!
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