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  1. So, here is the conclusion: The email was sent by a scammer. Sang Ki Kwon, the author of "Block Puzzle", was not involved in this *at all*.    Let me repeat that: Sang Ki Kwon is completely innocent of all that and I'm sorry that I gave him bad reputation around here.   I've nothing to take down and nothing to pay but my attorneys fees :) Still mad at that #^$% Scammer though.   Thank you guys for your help through all this!
  2. Did that help? Does the text now show up?
  3. Could be: You're painting the text outside of the box! The "Canvas.drawText" thing uses the y-parameter as the baseline for the text.  Please try using a different value, say "canvas.drawText("Text.", 50, 16, textPaint);"
  4. Sorry, I'm in a hurry right now, so no long answer yet...   What got you confused now (I think) is the concept of Call-By-Reference and Call-By-Value. When doing Call-By-Reference the function operates on the original data, in Call-By-Value it is essentially copied (to the stack) and the copy is given to the function (your case) so the original value is not changed. So: G is not the same as F, it just starts out with the same value.
  5. @bschmidt1962 That's and excellent idea! I'm no pro in visual design but I can make at least some solid proposals :)
  6. Thank you all for your incredibly insightful contributions!   Just a quick update: I found an attorney who agreed to have a look into the matter for a reasonable (and fixed) fee. I didn't get her final verdict yet but she advised me *strongly* to do nothing for now (no contact, no payment, no app removal) as this might be interpreted as admission of guilt. She also said that she was quite confident that this simply a scam, quoting the same arguments you guys already posted, especially the fact that it's an email.   Tomorrow, hopefully, I'll know for sure. And buy legal costs insurance :/
  7. Thank you guys, for your insights!   I'll definitely try to get some background music now (sound effects are already in there, albeit sparsely), trying your proposed methods. And yes, I will pay for it, even if it's just a pizza ;)     One more thing: This is highly subjective and might be impossible to answer: You guys stretched that it's important that the music "fits" the game. Is there a good method to assess this? I'm no musician and I am to close to the game to see clearly anymore...
  8. Oh, right.   Well, mostly because it's rarely done. The de facto standard for OpenGL programming on desktop is C++, so you'll get the best resources (documentation, tutorials) and help from other developers there. Also, if you don't want to do everything from scratch, there are way more libs / modules / code snippets if you go C++.   So: Java+OpenGL on Desktop can be done but it's unusual and thus not as well supported.
  9. Ahem. Sorry about the topic title, I just realized how condescending that sounds :[ To clear it up: I have great respect for the art of making music, I simply can not do it, don't have the resources to pay someone - and hope to make a fun game despite lacking background music.
  10. Tom is right, of course. That was my indie-just-for-fun-game-developer-mindest talking.   @Cybergames  You need a *plan* first. What market, what game, what marketing, ...? Also: You don't have anyone promoting your final product in your list. Games (rarely) sell themselves...