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  1. newbie needs git "workflow" or something

    Thanks for your reply. I hadn't considered that... :-X That makes the most sense. I wanted to avoid the internet, to save the kittens who live in the rainforest ;) But I can see how going centralized is the easiest. I guess I could make the USB bare too, and make a copy when I need it. [quote]There is no reason to deal with merge conflicts if you're the only developer![/quote] There's one good one: practice. I can hardly really screw up, and it gives me all the problems you have in a real distributed workflow.
  2. Hi y'all, the past weeks I have acquainted myself with git. I know most of the basics (apparently not all of the basics :-X). My question is: what is the best way for me to work with git now? I work alone, but have multiple repositories for the same code. (One reason is back-up, the other is practicing with git.) I currently mainly work with "master". Non-bare repositories don't work well that way... (i.e. pushing doesn't update the working directory.) [pre] Net (bare) / | \ / | \ PC1 | PC2 \ | / USB/other PC's[/pre] [What is up with GD's pre and code tags?!] I guess this mostly resembles a "fully distributed" setup. So should I make a branch for each non-bare repo? Should I setup remote tracking properly? At what commands should I be looking? What is a good resource to read about this sort of thing? (There is A LOT of info on git on-line.) Thanks in advance.
  3. Always two good things to ask yourself: "do I like doing it?" and "am I learning something from this?". (The third one is: "do I get paid enough for this?" ;) ) I myself have always favored the "things I like" route. It's not very productive, but makes for excellent pastime nevertheless. That being said, it's always educational to look around and try stuff. You should actually try stuff you think you [i]can't[/i] do. Builds character >_>