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  1. There are some things I really love about my wife and two of them popped up today. One was when I was at work and she … http://t.co/1D364s4L
  2. sirkibble2

    Looking for critique/advice for my resume

    I see what you're saying. Although I'm not entirely sure what to modify based on your critique because these are my honest skills and my experience so unless my wording isn't punchy enough, I'm not sure what else to change. Does that make sense? Thanks for this different look. I do appreciate it.
  3. sirkibble2

    Looking for critique/advice for my resume

    Okay. I agree. I'll fix that. Thank you. Are there any other suggestions?
  4. sirkibble2

    Looking for critique/advice for my resume

    I have worked out the two page issue and have changed the name of my file. Take out the underscore and the "sample" and that would be the name of my file. How are the changes? Again, thank you for the help. [attachment=8492:ASheltonQAGameTester_sample.doc]
  5. sirkibble2

    Looking for critique/advice for my resume

    Thank you both for the tips. I also cleaned up the file so that my info isn't in there. Thanks for that reminder Washu. I'll begin researching good file name concepts and condensing the information. Thank you again.
  6. Hello, I am building a resume to apply for QA game testing jobs. I have done research to see what would be good for a resume and I've read a lot of different things as to what should go into a resume--particularly one who does not have previous experience and that will be reflected in this resume. I know two of my biggest problems are that my resume is currently 2 pages and that my work experience is pretty irrelevant to game testing but I feel everything I have written is necessary. This is why I need more opinions and eyes to help me decipher these things. Thank you for the help and advice. I appreciate it. [attachment=8491:game tester resume_sample.doc]
  7. Studying With A New Direction for body modeling http://t.co/iUj8X5g0
  8. Torso Study: The Rib Cage and the Six Pack http://t.co/wT16auU3
  9. It sucks when you tweak your back right before work.
  10. sirkibble2

    Basic modeling

    I'm just taking beginning steps to model simple props. Most of these I'm not taking in poly count because it hinders my mind in actually creating the object. Right now, I'm simply trying to create objects. No maps. No material. Later, I will get to all that but right now I'm focusing on simply modeling objects. They are pretty low resolution as I'm only using enough poly's that I think I need. Of course, I may not need them all but that's why I'm learning. Over the last two weeks I've created different objects to start off simply: A plate: A serving spoon A sink plug A spatula A bottle A knife
  11. Modeling Easier Stuff–A plate http://t.co/knZdET7e
  12. My wife: "Okay. Im gonna shop in the hower."
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