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  1. Update 1.0.6 released! With some gameplay changes and 5 bonus quiz tickets for each purchase!
  2. Update 1.0.5 released. Added autosave, some minor gameplay tweaks.
  3. Update 1.0.1 released with minor gameplay improvements, new icon and small title change.
  4. Now available on the App Store: View on App Store
  5. Hey guys! We are excited to announce Drop Files a free arcade/action game, which is available for FREE as a universal app on the App Store.   View on App Store     A challenging and interesting game where dragging & dropping files make you addicted. Are you fast enough to manage the files?   It’s a super, fresh and smart game for wasting your time on a 1 minute lunch break. Focus and concentrate! Drag & drop incoming files to the right folders and handle tasks. Deal with viruses and trash files. It’s all that you will need to do in Drop Files to reach new high-scores and beat your friends’ scores.    HOW TO PLAY:   * STEP 1: Focus and ready your finger * STEP 2: Drag & drop files to the right folders * STEP 3: Deal with viruses and trash files * STEP 4: Handle tasks before the time runs out * STEP 5: Use the reset power up for help * STEP 6: Aim for the high score and challenge your friends * STEP 7: Repeat   It will keep you challenged. Guaranteed!                    
  6. Update 1.0.4 released!   Added help to the Quiz: 50/50 and Double Dip. 50/50 eliminates two wrong answers, and with the Double Dip you can give two answers for a question.
  7. Update 1.0.3 released.   - 2 new guest investors! Find out who they are! - Fixed bug which occurred when you got all badges. - Fixed bug when you level-upped more than 3000 times. - Fixed the task which didn't count cash from free gifts.
  8. Update 1.0.2 released. It fixes a bug with Australia oil reserves and the share functionality. Get the game now!
  9.   Oil, Inc. is featured by Apple on the UK and some other stores in the simulation and strategy categories. Thanks Apple!
  10. Update 1.7.2 released with a new guest investor! Find out who is this guy!
  11. Update 1.0.1 released. It fixes a few bugs, among other things the critical problem with world oil reserves. Get the game now!
  12. Hey guys! We are excited to announce Oil, Inc. a free clicker/idle game, which is available for FREE as a universal app for iOS.   App Store Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/oil-inc./id1123413069     Get your hands into the oil industry! Invest in your first oilfield and start to drill that delicious, profitable, stinky oil!   Oil, Inc. is an oil industry simulation game with tons of tapping and strategy elements.   You have to build and manage facilities for oil drilling from Oil Derrick, Offshore Platform, Refinery, to Storage Tanks, and Petrol Station. Drill hard and unlock Zombies, Aliens, Monsters and a nasty Mega-Robot to drill for you. Yeah, awesome!   Build a science lab to make experiments with your workers brain to get more profit out of them. Invest in engineering; send out geologist and geophysicist to explore new oilfields. Establish your headquarters, track various factors and construct a winning strategy. Rush for the black gold now!   GAME FEATURES:   * BUILD oil facilities to extract valuable crude oil * DRILL with funny humorous workers * SKILL your workers * CONSTRUCT a beautiful town * UNLOCK special oil drillers: zombies, aliens, monsters... * HIRE managers and investors to grow into the biggest oil imperium on earth * DEAL with industry crisis * TRADE with stocks * CONQUER the world, expand your oil industry * COMPLETE tons of tasks to become a mighty Oil Tycoon * EASY TO PLAY for the whole family * PLAY with friends   How much do you know about oil and gas? Test your knowledge with our oil and gas industry quiz.                                         http://rapidturtlegames.com/press/oilinc_screen10.jpg
  13. More fun with friends in Business Superstar latest update! Help your friends by exchanging gifts!
  14. Update 1.6.1 released. Get gratis gold and spins for gold packs.   Ideas and suggestions are welcome!
  15. Update 1.6 released! - 10 new assistants per character - bug fixes