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  1. Creating a text-based game,

    I want to respond to your question in general, and by how it seems you worded your post, you don't understand a text based RPG, it is WAY more difficult than you are thinking it is, it takes a lot of time to actually make a decent text based RPG, make a hello world app, and start from there, sadly thats how you learn a programming language, by making a ton of simple programs to see how the mechanics work in a language. And if someone helped you make a text based RPG, how much fun would that be than to say that you made it yourself? Hit the books.
  2. Intresting Console Game?

    I have a more basic question to ask, and that's if a game could possibly be interesting if its only a console app, (black and white with only text) it seems that it would hard to do that with today's audience, normally expecting a graphically heavy game, and here you have a game that has none...
  3. Level Editors?

    I'm not too learned on the subject of level editors but I thought that you only needed to set up an array variable with a character representation of what the level was, but you might want to make it an external file and I have no idea how to do that... I would personally go for something like this: char array[] = [[ ' ', ' ', 'b'] /*insert white*/[ 'b', 'b', 'b']]; /*space for visual ease*/ The "b"s being blocks or ground or whatever, however this is assuming that your using C++ or C# but the concept is the same in java and other languages, however I think the point of a level editor is to have it external from your code, so you don't have to recompile every time you make a change. And myself being a newbie to this kindof stuff, I don't exactly know how to do that. Good luck, I hoped I helped you!