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  1. pismakron

    RTS Terrain

    http://www.oddlabs.com/download/terrain_generation.pdf This should be useful :)
  2. pismakron

    Slow down...

    Do both threads have write-acces to the shared resource section?
  3. Yes, I think the OpenGL ARB missed an opportunity to capitalize on Microsoft wanting to reserve DX10 as a reward for buying Vista. It doesn't really matter much, as the heavy emphasis on console compatibility means DX10 is little used. As for Vista I'm not exactly impressed. The compatibility issues annoys me.
  4. pismakron

    Shading model Question.

    To be quite honest I don't know anything about the .3ds format. But I know that with the Lightwave format you had to calculate vertex normals from adjacent surface normals. Which was annoying.
  5. pismakron

    Want to start 2D game, finished basic C++

    Just go ahead and do it. Make space invaders, play it, post screenshots.
  6. pismakron

    Help with picking languages

    Let the third language be either a functional languge like Haskell or Standard ML, or a high-level dynamically typed language like Python or Ruby.
  7. pismakron

    SDL using Alternative Languages

    Or EiffelStudio : www.eiffel.com/products/studio/
  8. pismakron

    SDL using Alternative Languages

    So basically you want to compile native binaries, while using SDL but not C++?
  9. pismakron

    Classes: Possible to overdo it?

    Yes, excessive OOP is a common error. It is often caused by the infatutation many programmers have with "buzzword oriented programming". OOP clearly has it's uses, but pesonally I try to follow the following rules of thumb: If I cannot identify a proper invariant for a type, then there's rarely any need for making it an abstract datatype. I would generally rather make something data-driven than build a class-hierachy. The proper abstraction for a side-effect free operation is the function not the method. Or put in another way: A types methods should be the minimum set of state changing operations, not all procedures somehow relating to a type.
  10. pismakron

    Shading model Question.

    This particular bit of shading information, can be stored as proper vertex normals, which should be part of most 3D meshes.
  11. Why stop there? Why not make a compute_result(int) function, which could replace any existing computation? avatar->pos.x = compute_result(54); or crazy_talk = compute_result(LAY_OF_THE_WEED);
  12. pismakron

    Delegates .NET only?

    Use boost::signals like everyone else.
  13. If it is true, then DX is yet another step ahead of GL it seems. The reason that most games does not utilize the full potential of DX10 is that developers like to target their games at XP, Vista, PlayStation, Wii and Xbox. Only one of those platforms has DX10. So I wouldn't expect that to change anytime soon.
  14. The thing about hard work is that it is always... hard. Its quite natural to struggle with it, but linear algebra is very useful in almost any technical career. Personally I get most from reading a text faster multiple times than to read it very slowly once. But whatver works for you. Just make sure to make at least some of the Übungen :)
  15. pismakron

    Motivation to play

    + Develop skill (Counter-strike)
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