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  1. Esys

    Pygame Image Problem

    What image format is the original picture? Have you tried changing that? I've found that bitmap images are affected less by pygame's convert().
  2. Esys

    A Newbie, A Vision, No budget.

    Ultimately, a decision needs to be made concerning what your goal is. At this point, you've stated two very seperate goals: make a game, and learn a programming platform. Both goals require very different approaches. If you want to make a game, you use the tools that will get your game out in the quickest, easiest, and most efficent manner. Think, "time is money". If you want to learn a language, or specific platform, you study documentation, tutorials, code up quick prototypes to test methods. If you combine these seperate goals, nothing will be accomplished; period. You'll spend so much time redoing work as you learn a "better" way of doing it that you'll tread over the same code time and time again. So to recap: if you want to make a game, use the simplist tools that you can use at your present skill level. If you want to learn, then study, ask questions, do tutorials, and code prototypes.
  3. updating particle system to support fading sprites
  4. Esys

    [PyGame] Finding Variable Types

    You can try[font="Lucida Console"] type(variable) == pygame.Surface [/font][font="Arial"]or [/font][font="Lucida Console"]isinstance(variable, pygame.Surface).[/font]
  5. Esys

    Math Subjects

    I've decided to jump in and brush up on some maths that I haven't studied for more than 10 years. I found used textbooks on Amazon in really great (almost mint) condition for dirt cheap. I just received my order for a Linear Algebra textbook that's in supurb condition for $2 and some odd cents. So that's a great place to look for books if you're going to self-study or brush up.
  6. I'm trying to implement a flashlight effect in a top-down survivor type game. Messing with transparency has given me the effect of a, well, semi-transparent gray cloudy circle. It doesn't brighten anything. I'm thinking that I have to fool around with the blend modes in the Surface.blit calls, but Pygame has little or no documentation regarding these modes. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. I, too, am starting a developer's blog; not so much as a "how-to" (because I at least know that I'm the last person who should be teaching anything about game developmet), but more of a journal as I develop new projects. I have lots of opinions, but certainly not regarding development. I try to read and learn everything I can come across about all aspects of game development, and while I may offer advice when new programmers have questions, I give way to more experienced voices and try to learn and apply their advice. BTW: AngryPixel Comments, suggestions, and helpful feedback always welcomed and appreciated.
  8. Esys

    Technology, intelligence, and unemployment

    The fastest growing job sector seems to be Human Resource. Those smug, sly bastards are everywhere.
  9. Given that the native Americans are more attuned to nature and their place within the balance of nature, their technological advancement would have been slower because it would have kept pace with their moral advancement; something that European derived cultures sorely lack.
  10. Quote:Original post by SimonForsman Quote:Original post by Esys Stuff... Just let X positions be unused, so rather than placing the survivors at oldplayerposition[survivorid] you place them at oldplayerposition[(survivorid+1)*x] increase x to get a bigger space between them. This seems to work the best, 'tho it may get a bit hairy later on when towing 10 or more followers around. Quote:I was just working on this in 3d. I haven't implemented it yet but I'm going to try setting the 'links' of the snake to initial positions at then spacing that I want, then keep an array of the 'head's last movement-path vector, pushing the older ones down the line until it gets to the tail and pop the last one. this would give the effect that they keep the same spacing and basically follow the head's path. I tried this method, but ran into a snag. Imagine the first move made is one step to the left or right. The follower actually needs to move forward one, even though the "last move" was to the side.
  11. I'm currently prototyping a top-down zombie survival game in which the player is tasked with finding survivors in a city before a timer expires. I'd like that once the player finds a survivor (and subsequent survivors), they follow the player in a manner that resembles the following-movement of the old Snake games. The method that kind of works is I insert the most recent position of the player in a list, and iterate through the list, assigning more recent positions to the followers. The only problem is that if the player or survivor sprite is, say 16x16, and the player movement speed is less than 16, the images overlap. I'm looking for a method that will allow a buffering space between the player and each survivor, and still have the movement behavior I'm looking for. Thanks in advance.
  12. Esys

    Sprite sheet [python/pygame]

    if you know the offset of the topleft corner of each image, and the width and height of each image, you can use a loop and blit each image to a temporary surface, then append the surface to a image list. so for a sprite sheet that's, say for simplicty's sake, 4 images at 16x16 each: def loadPics(): imgList = [] for i in range(4): tmp = pygame.Surface((16,16)) tmp.blit(sheet, (0,0), ((16*i,0), (16,16))) imgList.append(tmp)
  13. After importing a recently-written small (3kb) module to my game, I now have a good 1-1.5 second sound latency; modifying the buffer size has no effect. Deleting the import statement clears up the latency. Any suggestions? Edit: n/m; I was initializing pygame in the module. Oops. [Edited by - Esys on October 14, 2010 3:49:28 PM]
  14. angle_to_pointer = math.degrees(math.atan2(objectY-mouseY, objectX-mouseX))+180
  15. Esys

    MMO RTS Trade System

    Maybe use a trend system to predict market trends and adjust prices accordinly; or use a 5-day average, average out the last 5-days worth of transactions and average them out to set prices.
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