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  1. We have published first [url="http://grace2engine.com/tutorials/first-application/"]tutorial[/url] for the setup of an application which is based on GRACE2 engine in which we gave you information about basic project settings. At the end of the tutorial there is a complete setup (for all platforms) available to download. Have fun with the first lesson as we are preparing the next ones .
  2. [quote name='Andreas Jonsson' timestamp='1339003597' post='4946812'] The graphics are really impressive and the story is intriguing. I'll have to keep an eye on this game.. Are you using AngelScript in the game too? If so I'll add it to the users list... [/quote] Yes, we are using AngelScript in this game .
  3. Hello, today at E3 Expo we revealed information about new game which we are currently developing. It's called Sacrilegium and you can find more information here: [url="http://sacrilegium.com/"]http://sacrilegium.com/[/url] Regards, virious
  4. We have updated information about commercial license: [url="http://grace2engine.com/license/"]http://grace2engine.com/license/[/url] Today at E3 expo we've revealed information about our new game which we are currently developing: [url="http://sacrilegium.com"]http://sacrilegium.com[/url]
  5. Seems fair enough for me . Thanks!
  6. I know that this code is useless (just as you mentioned) but our scripter used that code, to set breakpoint at some temporary place and he wrote that piece of code and that's how we found this error thing. In C++ that code compiles without any errors so I thinkg it should be also allowed in AngelScript even though it's useless (because of variable which immediately goes out of scope).
  7. Let's say I have a weird script which looks like this: [code]int main() { int some_value; if(some_value >= 3) int a=3; return 0; }[/code] It should compile, but AngelScript throws me an error: [b]test.as (39, 2) : ERR: Expected expression value[/b] I think this case is omitted in [b]asCScriptNode *asCParser::ParseExprValue()[/b] method in [b]as_parser.cpp[/b]. Test was performed on HEAD revision of the AngelScript [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img]. Thanks in advance!
  8. Right now we are not planning to support Linux platform.
  9. Thank you! .
  10. I have my own debugger, I just tried to reproduce this behaviour on not modified code, so I used your [b]debugger[/b] and [b]asrun[/b] sample, just to be sure.
  11. Hello, I am using asrun sample project in debug mode. My script file: [code] void testRef( int &in ref ) { int localVar = ref; } int main() { int valForRef = 5; testRef( valForRef ); return 0; }[/code] I'm stepping 3 times, so in debug console I can see: [b]test.as:3; void testRef(int&in)[/b] The result after typing command "p ref" to print the value: [b][dbg]> p ref 6697168[/b] It prints out the pointer instead of the actual value ([b]5[/b] in this test scenario). This test was performed on the latest revision of the AngelScript, with slight modification with the GetFunctionIdByDecl() call in main.cpp which is no longer available in the AngelScript interface. Thanks in advance!
  12. Our tools and samples release schedule should be available on our webpage soon.
  13. As FDsagizi noticed [img]http://public.gamedev.net//public/style_emoticons/default/smile.png[/img], we have our SDK available to download here at our webpage ([url="http://grace2engine.com/download/"]http://grace2engine.com/download/[/url]). We also uploaded some screenshots of our tools and a gameplay movie of game "Chicken Shoot" made on GRACE2 engine for the iPad 2 tablet.
  14. Hello, as far as I know, you cannot declare and initialize class member variable. You have to initialize it in constructor. It doesn't work like in C# here .
  15. [quote name='Andreas Jonsson' timestamp='1337043059' post='4940255'] [edit] I've added a link to the engine on the users list. [/quote] Yay, thanks .