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  1. losethos

    On namespaces vs prefixing

    Bunch of teenage girly punks voting me down.
  2. losethos

    On namespaces vs prefixing

    Quit trying to play "gotcha" with the source control crap. Just talking about a file with a coworker is easier with unique names.
  3. losethos

    On namespaces vs prefixing

    I'm not against namespaces, I'm just warning Noobs not to get carried away with them. The temptation is to go namespace crazy. In your own portion of code, I highly doubt you should have the need to name two things the same. You have to admit, naming multiple thing the same is begging to confusing others. It certainly is not to be encouraged. As for filenames, the advice is good. Suppose you have a coworker and you merge code into a file. You can tell him the name if all files are uniquely named. I don't always follow the unique filename advice, but I admit it is wise.
  4. losethos

    On namespaces vs prefixing

    The larger point I am raising is that be on your guard against intellectually satisfying things which are seductive. One rule at Ticketmaster was no asm macros. It's kinda like banning #define macro functions. If you don't know better, you will get carried away using stuff like that because it's satisfying while it is foolish because it confuses others. Bottom line, don't do stuff because it makes you feel clever. Be aware of yourself and this temptation. Older programmers know what I'm talking about.
  5. losethos

    On namespaces vs prefixing

    God you guys are grumpy--voting me down. Trying to help you and get little thanks. Even Microsoft followed a pretty unique naming system for files. I know dlls were pretty uniquely named. You're simply a fool if you don't concede that making an effort toward unique filenames is good.
  6. losethos

    On namespaces vs prefixing

    I worked at Ticketmaster and they used VAX minicomputers with a propriatary operating system to outperform TicketTron with Supercomputers. A wall street journal described it as using PT boats to fight battleships. Believe it or not, their operating system has one level of directories. It simplified everything and boosted performance. I wouldn't mock those guys, wiseass.
  7. losethos

    On namespaces vs prefixing

    EzBez reminds me of a bit of advice one boss gave me -- avoid filenames that are the same but in different directories, if you can. Sometimes it's not feasable. Sometimes same filenames are good if there's some kind of system at work. Otherwise, duplicate filenames can be asking for trouble because you might accidentally clobber a file as you shift things around.
  8. losethos

    On namespaces vs prefixing

    Why do you want to name two or more things the same? When you look at code with name spaces, you're going to easily get confused. In fact, if you're a n00b, you'll probably take pleasure in naming multiple things the same because you're proud of namespaces. namespaces are intellectual crack -- stay away.
  9. losethos

    On namespaces vs prefixing

    Let me guess, there's some C++ principle which says "Use as many namespaces as possible." Knock yourself out.
  10. I tried optimizing my MemSet with dword STOSD or qword STOSQ instead of REP STOSB and it didn't help. Modern processors render many optimizations pointless because they pick-up the slack.
  11. As far as I know, the multimedia timer is a hardware timer and in Visual C you call a routine to read it. Some timers are accessed from multiple I/O ports in the process of reading them and must be read atomically. I'd be surprised if Visual C didn't do that for you. Sometimes, a timer overflows at a periodic rate and the OS must keep track of the most significant bytes. (An interrupt will occur at overflow and the OS will increment the high bytes implemented as an internal variable to the OS.) When in doubt, make two threads that read it over and over and see if it gets corrupted. If it's okay, you're not absolutely sure it's correct, but if it fails, you know it doesn't work.
  12. losethos

    Doubles outperforming floats?

    Incidentally, the test case you used could be optimized in a way a more realistic problem couldn't. I'm impressed with the compiler. I'd be really impressed if it merged 10 constants of 0.00000001 into one constant ;-)
  13. <QUOTE>If some people want to be ingorant about the details and concentrate on developing things that they think are more important/interesting/fun, why does that bother you? You can be a skilled programmer by knowing the implementation of what you actually create (like, hmmm, games), not necessarily the tools you use (std::vector). Sure, a woodworker can know how a tablesaw works, and it is probably beneficial, but does he have to be able to build one to be a skilled woodworker? </QUOTE> I don't care. It's like stick shift VS automatic.
  14. Gage64: Ba Ha -- Funny you should say doing string.h. I did my own operating system, compiler and librarys. LoseThos Pretty crazy, huh? It was fun!! As for the other guy, I have learned since the commodore 64. Everybody specializes in something -- some know the Internet, some know Microsoft, some know Unix, some know high level, some know low level. LoseThos is 64-bit and supports MultiCore. See! I have kept-up. Been reading the Intel Datasheets and am pretty good at 64-bit x86 assembly language. I imagine very few programmers have yet learned 64-bit asm. Yeah, prolly should make STL available on LoseThos, but my compiler isn't fully C++. Maybe, I don't know what I'm missing, but I get by okay.
  15. The double_break added a bunch of parameters to internal compiler routines, slowing it down... Thanks to you, I was inspired to remove the "continue" statement too! I don't use that crappy thing. If I were a teacher, "goto" would be fine in very limited circumstances but that "continue" statement would be banned because no real-world programmers use it! Let's take a poll... anybody use the C/C++ "continue" statement? Screw that--keep my compiler lean.
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