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    Help With Win32 Program

    thanks moonshoe, but jpetrie already helped me with it. and no, sadly your solution isnt correct but thanks a lot for ur interest i appreciate it
  2. Wasif Hyder

    Help With Win32 Program

    #define WIN32_LEAN_AND_MEAN #include "stdafx.h" #include <windows.h> #include <windowsx.h> int WINAPI WinMain ( HINSTANCE hInstance, HINSTANCE hPrevInstance, LPSTR lpCmdLine, int nCmdShow ) { MessageBox ( NULL, "Title", "Hello", MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION ); return(0); } I'm having issues with this code. Here's the error according to the compiler error C2664: 'MessageBoxW' : cannot convert parameter 2 from 'const char [6]' to 'LPCWSTR' The error is on this line MB_OK | MB_ICONEXCLAMATION );
  3. Wasif Hyder

    Shining Force II Complete Remake

    Thank you Daark, Ill look into it. But this is mainly a c++ programming practice in game development
  4. Wasif Hyder

    Shining Force II Complete Remake

    Thanks, I guess I will. But since I wanted to focus more on programming rather than Design and Story, I thought that would work. But you have power in your words and thats the reason ill follow that advice. But still will start with a duplicate and then modify it. After all the code will be by me only And many wonderful people who try helping me
  5. Hello, I decided to do a remake of Shining Force II as part of learning game programming. I love this game very much and am looking forward to duplicating the whole gome in avery aspect including storyline. This is purely out of my love for this game and for this reason I hope i dont get into any trouble. Ill only make this game and play it myself and would not publish it online, and in no way would commercially distribute it. I want to know if this would be okay, or how i can make this ok. I am not even sure if this will work because I am a beginner. Any help would be appreciated
  6. Wasif Hyder

    Simple C++ question

    Thats quite simplea actually. You are probably using visual c++ express All you need to do is include stdafx.h header file before iostream Here let me show: #include "stdafx.h" #include <iostream> int main() { /* Your code here */ } Make sure stdafx.h comes first, aside from this check if you have this file. If you dont then it will be a problem.
  7. Wasif Hyder

    Help with DarkGDK

    I just installed DarkGDK and i have an issue. Whenever I use a wizard to start a project the coding window never appears. Aside from this I also have soem trouble compiling code from a tutorial in a standard file which says that d3dx9.inl file was unable to be included Aside from this, I want to know if DarkGDK will help me in learning C++ and make games; if in any case i decide to leave DarkGdk, Will I be able to hold my own ? And is DarkGDK a good choice ?
  8. Wasif Hyder

    Basic C++ Programming Concepts ?

    Thanks a lot. And no I couldnt find a real one either. I was using the pirated version but it was only trial. I didnt know anything abt wat pirated is or how to crack so that thing expired in 30 days. I used versions 7 8 and 9 trials and those were the three months. Pirated software sucks! because the person who put so hard work on making it gets no return. anyways thanks and ill try my best learning c++ starting with the tetris tutorial soon. Wish me Luck And yes im also from karachi but i relocated to dubai two months ago if u want an original version get the pirated installer and get a real key from the autodesk website or if u have hi bandwith get it directly from there
  9. Wasif Hyder

    Basic C++ Programming Concepts ?

    Thanks for the reply and No I dont want a low standard for success. Im willing to learn c++ for the next three years before programming games. I just need a good area that I can dedicate myself to and a road I can walk on. ( What I mean is that I am willing to learn before getting into a rush. I believe if i have a solid foundation, I'd be able to do better and it will be easier to modify/tweak or even optimize without going to the net again and again to see what this conept is.) You have no idea how much time i can spend learning. Two years ago i wanted to make a 3d car. by the next three months I was very familiar with the interface and did a very good car also (only of the trial had'nt expired). Here's a link: http://cg-cars.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4017 So when it comes to learning, Im a freak and I'll do just abt anything to learn, and anytime to dedicate to it. I mean this in a good way. OH YEAH!!! I never mentioned my experience. I have read and practiced the book by Michael Hudson Beginning Game Programming In C++. I am not a complete beginner. I had some issues with dynamic memory and pointers but im still working on it. I finished the book yesterday after a month of thorough reading and practice. [Edited by - Wasif Hyder on July 25, 2008 3:50:34 PM]
  10. I want to know what are the concepts i need to fully master or to an extent understand before i can start making simple games. I'm looking to start making games as soon as i can. But this doesnt mean i will. Firstly, I want to make sure i have the fundamental concepts cleared perfectly (or good enough) to start getting on the road to game programming. What I basically want to know is how much of each concept/subject do i need to completely understand so that when i start going further i wont have to go an re-read these later. Not that i'm lazy but id rather be focused on one thing to fully utilize it. I'm 15 by the way. My school starts after 40 days. Dont know how this is relevant but still thought I'd mention. :D
  11. Wasif Hyder

    Help With C++ Book

    All that was in the book. I also followed exercises for improvement in them. I want to get advanced and learn more but with game development in view.
  12. Wasif Hyder

    Help With C++ Book

    I recently purchased Beginning C++ Game Programming by Michael Dawson. It has been nearly a month and im a complete beginner. This book was supposed to be my first start. I've followed the book closely and I think I have the basics figured out. It would help if anyone could tell me where to go on from here. I want to learn game programming so if anyone can tell me where to go from here then id be grateful. Oh yeah im 15 years old as of yesterday. Dont know if that's relevant but i'd appreciate a comprehensive book or resource or atleast a guideline where to go on.
  13. Thank You, And Why Do I Type Like This ? Dont Really Know But It Feels Comfortable And Sometimes Better In Visual Appearance
  14. It Says Place To Spam And Announcement. Im Really Sorry If I Cause Any Trouble Or Create Some Problem Be Posting An Intoduce Yourself Article. I Am A 14 Year Old, Recently Relocated To Dubai. I Had A Passion For Computers Since I Was 8. Ive Been Tinkering With Things For A Long While And In That Course Of Time I Fell In Love With Game Programming And Graphics. I Have Experience In 3D Studio Max. It Is Enough To Make A Good And Realistic Exterior Of A Car. Meaning Im Familiar With Most Of Max Tools In Modelling Aspect. I Also Started Learning Programming Two Weeks Ago And Have So Far Completed The Foundations Of C++. I Will Start OOP In The Next Two Days. Im Really Passionate And Thinking Of Something With Game Programming As Major With Use Of 3d Studio Max For Career. Advices Would Be Helpful And I Look Forward To My Time Here. For Those Who Havent Introduced Themselves Might Have The Chance To Do So Unless I'm Told This Thread Is Incorrect.
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