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  1. Bad Code

    Thanks for the answers!   Seems like I need to worry a little less and code alot more, hehe! Which I will do. Thanks again, it helped me alot.
  2. Bad Code

    Hey,   Thanks for the quick response.   I understand that writing alot of code will help at seeing whats good and bad code. But won't some bad practices stay? As I don't see if its bad or good so I will keep doing it the bad way. I guess thats one of my biggest fears of bad habits getting stuck.     I'm coding alone and in a team. I'm studying computer science and last time I worked in a team I felt that I was among the weaker coders so I want to change that. So I'll also code for my job later on, or thats the plan atleast. This may not be coding games but still.   Thanks again for the repsonses Cenox
  3. Bad Code

    Hey all,   I'm wondering if anyone else has this "fear" of writing bad code. The problem is once I start writing code I stop because I'm afraid its bad code. Is it bad to write bad code? Won't writing bad code stay with you or something and how can I practice to write better code?   Thanks in advance! Cenox
  4. Setup sfml with C#

    Hello   Seems like the issue is fixed. I had to use the x86 files instead of the x64 files.   Excuse me for the useless topic!
  5. Setup sfml with C#

    Hello   I have been trying to setup sfml with C# for the past few days and can't seem to set it up correct. I followed a few tutorials but most of them were for C++ and they didn't seem to work for me.   Anyway, does anyone there have a nice tutorial to set it up? Its for Visual Studio 2012 Ultimate.   Thank you for the help!