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  1. Write a CLI PHP or Ruby script that handles simple HTTPSocket handshakes and run it on as your game server. It's a persistent process that your javascript/other server can connect to using HTML5 sockets/CURL (or you can drop the whole HTTPSocket all together if you're using flash [or some other applet with socket support] and just implement your own basic protocol on-top of tcp.)
  2. Quote:Original post by stormwarestudios You're welcome. Incidentally, I'm curious to know what software did the blocking, and what did this software categorize Magento's homepage as? I remember for a while when I was a sys admin for a company a lot of e-commerce software sites (zencart, oscommerce, magento, etc) were blocked as e-Commerce related (ie store) by OpenDNS if you used their blocking stuff.
  3. Unity [web] Tempest Game Engine

    Quote:Original post by stormwarestudios Researching the potential with WebSockets; I'm liking it. If you go with sockets I have both a PHP5 based socket server already written as well as a Ruby 1.9 one.
  4. Quote:Original post by unknownhero Another big reason which Anntor hinted at with real 100% javascript games. If I want to write an online multiplayer js game, i have to use a completely different language to do it with. That makes js a less important part in the game and alot of games are made that way... If its on the web, why not include the server in the game? Even if its just something simple for keeping score! How many other languages would it take to keep score in an otherwise js game? at least 2 or even 3 if you count json. I see no real difference between using JS as a client language and PHP or Ruby as the backend then someone that develops in C#/C++ and uses LUA/Python for client interface scripting.
  5. Oh I have plans to make a game with it, just getting the tech flushed out. My goal mainly is to have a properly designed Object-Oriented game engine in javascript. Thanks for the list of engines I'll have to check them out. Why javascript over other languages? Because if I can get/keep the memmory footprint and cpu usage to reasonable levels the engine will be more portable then a flash based one. (iphone support is an example) and on the 2 day thing, It's far from done -- Time required is relative to programmer's knowledge. I'm not the smartest person in the world but I've been doing javascript programming for around 5-6 years and have worked with java & c# for business so the concept of true object-oriented design is not lost on me. Anyway, rambling again...
  6. I'm in the process of developing a tile based engine (think rpg maker 2000) in javascript. So far it has(Tested in both IE8 & FF3.6.3): 1. Can load maps created by Tiled Map Editor (http://www.mapeditor.org/) *non-isometric 2. Render maps to look exactly like they do in editor 3. Entities can be added to map once engine has loaded. 4. Entities can have a sprite loaded into them (engine respects a modified version of what RPG maker uses) 5. Entities can move around map and there is an animation system allowing for sprite based animations (No need for flash or gifs!) 6. Respects custom tile parameter isSolid and prevents entities from moving on to tiles that have parameter. 7. Basic automatic pathing for sequences/bots -- can walk npc around map on pre set course 8. Tilesize for maps are 32x32 by default but can be changed to be any squared size. 9. player input is bound to keyboard arrows and allows player to move around player's entity in the world. There are still a lot of things that need to be done before it's a full fledged game engine. (so far it's not bad for 2 days worth of work) Once I get it to a place I'm happy with it I plan on releasing it to the community, will probably duel license it with one being free and open for non commercial use. From what I've seen most of these engines never make it much passed the prototype phase. Not sure why... I'm just pretty much posting this right now to spark interest and see what people have to say. gTile is the only other engine I've really seen and it looks like he stopped development on it a while back... (rambles on, and on, and on)
  7. Authentication server != game server

    Only problem I see with that is how does the auth server know which game server the client is connecting to if there are multiple game servers? Would it be feasible/safe to encrypt the ACCOUNT_ID and some misc data (account total active time, etc; for stuff like vetren rewards.) send that to the client (The client it self does not have the decrypt key) and it just relays that info to whatever server it is connecting to and that server looks up a character list using the ACCOUNT_ID?
  8. I'm designing a mmo server (I know right AHHH!!!!) anyway, I currently only have 1 server that does everything (Authentication,Player Select,Game Calculations,Chat) It's written in php (I know AHHH!!!! again, right?) using cmd mode so it's not to bad atm. It's more of an experiment and a quick prototyping tools for the client to connect to (my partner is designing the client.) I'm just wondering how I should go about separating the authentication server from the game server it self.