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    Need help testing a flash based MMO

    Hello again everyone. I've received so many comments both here and in game (chat logs). I've also made quite a few changes from those comments and hope to have them posted later today. As suggessted I've changed some fonts, made some things a little clearer, and worked on some 'sticking' issues people were reporting. I've also changed the way quests work so when you finish a quest and there is a follow up it appears to you right away - some people were getting confused and didn't know where to go to resume the quest chain. Sirisian, I am using bitmap rendering, however the framerate slows considerably at 'night' - though I have cleaned that up a little in the next release (hopefully today). As far as loading times are concerned, I do have the browser load everything which does work pretty well for the second load because of caching. Eventually it's possible I would release a downloadable client version complete with all the graphics which does help loading times significantly. Right now things keep changing so quickly it doesn't make sense for me to do so. Last thing, movement speed is tied to the framerate - but only in the sense that the animations will skip frames or slow down and add more frames per second depending on the user's framerate. I believe the stuttering you may notice is due to the fact that I am running this from my home, on a home network on an old laptop I had laying around. The server probably isn't responding as quickly and you may notice your character snapping back to the spot he was in before you get the server's response that you've been granted the ability to move to the new spot. This weekend alone I had to completely reset my network at least twice... (I need a new router badly, may pick one up today). I doubt you will remember this Sirisian, but I was here about a year ago with a GotoAndStop engine I had first built for fun, but it was horrible. You had pointed me in the direction of Bitmapdata and copypixels and I went back to the drawing board - and this is the result. Much thanks to you for that. Anyway, just waned to thank everyone again - all the comments are helping to make this better.
  2. mderemick

    Need help testing a flash based MMO

    Thanks for the responses so far! eedok - You are absolutely right, I need to flesh out the 'quest log' to provide the description again. As for the framerate/locking up problems I will be working on slimming my graphics down a bit. Right now I have a lot of animations I'm not using, so it may be possible for me to do more with less - which should help a lot considering each character loaded into the game can take 100-150 MB of ram. Even the game's server is running out of my house, which probably doesn't help speed the game up, considering it's running off a standard cable connection. Again, thank you to everyone who tried this for me, I simply do not have the hardware to test this myself.
  3. mderemick

    Need help testing a flash based MMO

    I forgot some things: You will need about 1.5GB of free RAM to get it to load and play properly. Also, sometimes the game gets stuck in chat mode - making you unable to move via the keyboard and unable to cast spells. To fix that issue, click in the chat text box and then hit the escape key.
  4. Hello everyone! I've been working on this for quite some time and I feel it's as ready as it's ever going to be for a test. It's a true flash MMORPG engine I've developed. The game is called Infested and while I still have a lot of work to do on it I think it should give you an idea of what I am trying to accomplish. Anyway, I do appreciate anyone taking the time to check this out for me. Any feedback you have is helpful for me to decide where to focus my future efforts. One last note - please remember that I am not an artist or a writer, so if the story or graphics are a little lacking please be kind! (Though I'd still like to know what you think about them) Thanks again! Michael Deremick
  5. I'm using Flash for my Client - so I don't have that as an option, but thanks, Ill check that thread out anyway.
  6. I have a similar problem in my Isometric Flash 'game' (not a game yet). Anyway, I give each tile type a depth, so all characters are depth 5, floors are 1. Fringe tiles are 2, walls are 5. I then use a combination of the tile's Y position on the map, it's Z position on the map, and finally I sort by depth. (Im not looking at my code at the moment, so I forget which I look for first, second, etc - but this should give you a general idea). There are some minor glitches with this method, but for the most part scenes are rendered properly - albeit slowly. Something I was thinking of using (to speed the rendering up) is using a heuristic model to assign a numeric value to each tile, then sorting all tiles based on that number. I havnt worked out exactly how to come to this number - but I would guess that taking the tiles Y and Z position, multiplying each by a set number then adding the results together. Order = (YPos * (ZPos * 100)) * TileTypeDepth; For tile (x,y,z): (ignoring depth at the moment) (1,1,1) = 100 (1,1,2) = 200 (1,5,1) = 500 (1,5,2) = 1000 Etc....
  7. mderemick

    [web] Flash/ASP.NET interaction

    I know you said you didn't need a persistent connection, but if you ever change your mind feel free to pick at my brain - I've made a real time avatar chat (soon to be game) using Flash CS3 and C#.Net 2.0. I used flash's new Binary Sockets to do it. The server processes the 'rules' and client is only used for display. I tried to code both client and server to be re-usable - so at this time the code isn't really game specific. Otherwise, as someone else already said, AJAX would be the way to go. You can send any amount of data back and forth. A single AJAX page with an MVC type controller could handle quite a lot of different requests.
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