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    Since my profile doesn't appear to speak directly to my involvement in programming and software, per se, here's some introductory narrative about myself along that line of interest. For starters, I'm a online gamer and C++ enthusiast. Games that I currently play include Battlefield 2/2142 and Delta Force Extreme. I belong to an online gaming clan, called "Warhawks". The website is: http://warhawks.com I've been involved in computers for a very long time (see my GameDev.net profile). I started out with the old Timex-Sinclair, moved to Commodore 16/64/Amiga, then finally moved to IBM in the late 80's. I actually taught an Army course at Redstone Arsenal, AL entitled "Digital Computer Fundamentals"; back then, state of the art was 5" floppies and Z80 chips, LOL. While my career path centered on hardware, I always wanted to do more with software -- we diagnosed missile system problem with machine language, and this peaked my curiosity about programming in general, so I took a graduate course in Pascal as part of my degree program in 1982. I got into C++ with Visual C++ 5, in the early 90s, and I've dabbled in it ever since. In the mid-80s, the Army trained me in SCO XENIX System Admin Level III, and I administered a XENIX-based LAN in Germany...I was the one that figured out how to interface the XENIX LAN through the German phone system to create an embryonic WAN for in-theater logistic support. As a result of this, I naturally jumped onto Linux when it first came out. I currently use Knoppix, Debian and Fedora, but I've come to favor Fedora in the last couple of years. Currently, I'm a developer with the Visual Control Framework (VCF). The web site is: http://vcf-online.org. I'm helping to develop a port of VCF for Linux.
  2. I started using Allegro after reading Harbour's Game Programming All in One book, ISBN 1-59200-383-4. Here's a couple of things about Allegro with VC++ from his book. For VC++, Directx SDK needs to be installed. Project Settings - Link Tab - Output/Library Modules field needs "alleg.lib" in there. It needs top show up in Project Options field as well. Make sure the path assigned for the lib is correct. If you're using a static link, then you have to do a define: #define ALLEGRO_STATICLINK Appendix E of the book has detailed install procedures for Allegro with various compilers, it's well worth the price at Amazon. Hope this helps.