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  1. MossStone

    Historic unit types

    Logistics could work as healing units or effect how far your units can travel away from cities. It depends on what scale your game has, whether your commanding individual troops or whole armies. The Civ games are pretty good to look at for unit ideas though.
  2. MossStone

    Poker-based Card Battle RPG

    You should check out Doomtown Reloaded. It's a wild west card game based on poker but with different characters and abilities. It's pretty good fun. It's not exactly texas hold um, but it might give you a few ideas. https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/156714/doomtown-reloaded
  3. MossStone

    Game I'm making is not fun

    Can you share another video? It'd be great to see what you've decided to put in.
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