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  1. OpenGL Software Rendering

    Ok, well my appologies then I have misunderstood the purpose of these forums. I was hoping that it would be an obvious problem that I had overlooked and was easy to find to the trained eye.
  2. OpenGL Software Rendering

    C0D1F1ED - I have not asked you to do anything except point me in the right direction, I have read a million books but cant solve the problem and unfortunately my lecturers are unavailable because of the holiday period, the forums where my last resort. "Any help with this would be much appreciated" Definition of help: give help or assistance; be of service; Nowhere there does it say "will you do this for me"
  3. OpenGL Software Rendering

    Maybe people could send me in the right direction with links? I have done forum searches but I cant get past this problem that i have :-(
  4. Hi people, I have been given the task of developing my own software renderer which must have a custom-built maths library to include and demonstrate all basic vector operations, matrix manipulation and perspective transformations. NB. The OpenGL and GLut libraries may only be used to open up a graphics window and to draw single points, for example GL_POINTS. I have Vectors and Matricies implemented as fully functional data types with overloaded operators, copy constructors and accessors. They support add, subtract, scalar divide and multiply, cross and dot products, transpose etc. I can succesfully apply rotations and transpositions to points and using OpenGL's gluOrtho2d() display the results. But when I try to apply my worldView matrix (orthographic) to the points the display is blank :-s The .h and .cpp's can be obtained from the address below: The problematic code is in the Render.cpp draw() function, along with 1 line in main() in the main.cpp. The draw function works as follows: 1. Recieve a vector<Vector3> vertices; 2. Apply currentMatrix (holds transformations) to modelView matrix 3. Apply modelView matrix to vertices, store in an intermediate array 4. apply worldView matrix (orthographic) to the intermediate array 5. use GL_POINTS to draw intermediate array The matrix i have implemented for othographic view is in the matrix4.cpp and was taken from the opengl redbook Any help with this would be much appreciated :-D HAPPY HOLIDAYS ALL
  5. I am quite comfortable with loading in 3D models so may make something similar in max/maya and load it in. I have come accross line plane intersections before but was a little unsure as to whether this was the right scenario to use it. The 2D version seems a little more complex as how will the intersection testing work on curves (a bend)? a quick google brings up some ugly looking math :-s
  6. Ok, sorry for the bombardment of info but here is what i'm trying to do. FYI I use C++ and OpenGL. I want to create a racing track, can be a simple oval, complexity isnt an issue. I'm implementing a NN to drive the car so the car will have 2 "feelers" of set length, and the feelers will report an intersection with the edge or wall of the track (so that the NN can do its thing and sort itself out). [url=][img=][/url] So the design contraints are whether its 2D or 3D there must be a way of reporting how much of the green feelers have left the track (or intersected a wall on a 3D track). My question is: How can I put a track in the game (easiest way)? with that method of implementation how will I establish how much of the feeler has left the track?
  7. I had exactly the same problem when I was researching the subject. - Collada Sailing the Gulf of 3d Digital Content Creation by Remi Arnaud ISBN10 1568812876 | ISBN13 9781568812878 That was pretty much the only publication I could find. Its quite thorough but with the advances in Collada, its dating rapidly. Its not entire Collada DOM based but does have a nice section on the API and examples of how to use it. If your in the UK I would be happy to sell you my copy for a reasonable price.
  8. Levels in C++ games

    This is a completely different angle approach to the problem but have you considered scripting? Something like Lua could be very useful. Lua allows you to store and call data but also allows you to create functions. You also then have the luxury of not having to rebuild every time you change your script.
  9. This is a very good glut tutorial website. The author is very thorough in his explainations of his code and offers a text based tutorial as well. In part 2 lesson 9 he shows how to animate a character(he also uses Blender to create the character so no expensive software required). The file format used by the author is fairly old (MD2 used in Quake 2) but as he explains its an open and straightforward format. Hope this helps :-)
  10. BA in Game Design: where to go

    Im currently in south Wales at Swansea metropolitan university. Im doing the BSc(hons) Computer Games Development degree. This is the programming course. I must warn you this is not an easy course! At the start we had 30 students and now we have 3 in the final year (going to grow due to people failing final year). I entered the course not knowing any C++ and believe me I had to work VERY hard to keep up. The uni also offers a game design course. I must warn you, I have heard news that the job prospects following this course aren't as fruitful. Controversially, I believe people are born with/can self learn the creative side of the games industry. If you learn the development side of things but have a very strong creative side you will be far more desirable to a games company. Although, if you are determined to do a game design course, I would definately buy yourself a good C++ book and learn that in your own time.
  11. Neural Network - Discussion

    I think this thread should just be shut down. Lets face it, not one person has answered a question I have asked constructively. Maybe I named the topic wrong by calling it a discussion because what I was actually aiming for was "factual" information to a few questions that would help me start my research. Brett your right- I dont know anything about NN's and thats what I was aiming to correct. I have a very pictographic mind, so when someone sais it cant be done without examples I find it hard to accept. When I see examples like Colin McRae rally that was trained via player input, I just dont see why this could not work for the Rubix Cube for example. There are a set amount of blocks and sides on a cube so there must be a mathematical relationship. By training the NN your aim would be for the NN to learn this relationship and then use this to solve a problem itself. Kirkd, ibebrett, ActiveStorage, Rockoon1 + a few others - your great assets to the forum, your answers where helpful and expressed an opinion in an informative way. I learnt a few things from you. Just wanted to show my gratitude for not just flaming me on the first opportunity like many others and actually trying to help me understand. To many peoples delight im not going to participate in this discussion any further. Unfortunately the world has lost its charitable nature and would sooner put someone down because they know less than try and help them understand and better themselves. Regards, Sion5
  12. Neural Network - Discussion

    I was expecting a half arsed answer like that! Theres clearly a divide between academics and "industry" programmers - that is to say any of you actually work or have ever worked in a games studio! I think Mike McShaffry hit the nail on the head: "The art of developing great game code involves knowing which mistakes and pitfalls to avoid and which coding techniques really work over time. The one important thing that I've learned over the years is that the distance between exuberance and experience is paved with mistakes, which makes older programmers a little less likely to embrace new things." Game Coding Complete by Mike McShaffry ISBN:1932111751 Paraglyph Press © 2003 Thanks to all who contributed anything useful - thanks to all who didn't get angry at my personal opinion - no thanks to all you arrogant bastards who gave me such a hard time because I tried to learn more about a subject! Peace out
  13. Neural Network - Discussion

    Just an update really, having taken on board peoples opinions and experience I have changed my research slightly. The question I am now looking to answer is 'are neural networks being used to their full potential in the games industry?' this type of question will provide more room for discussion - many people said their not used because better options are available etc. The one thing that is troubling me now is - when I come to make a use for a neural network, what shall i do? (personally i believe this is the industry's problem!) -Vehicle avoiding objects has been done -Ants retrieving food beenn done -Pacman - as shown earlier in thread has been done Any suggestions? How about the rubix cube problem?
  14. Neural Network - Discussion

    ^^ well obviously im biased, its the proposal i have given to my lecturer- and as my proposal counts towards my final grade, as im sure anyone would be - being told their project is a load of cr*p is quite upsetting!
  15. Neural Network - Discussion

    ibebrett - That Robocode could have proven very useful. The only problem is, its Java. Im sure Java isn't difficult to learn, but as its a final year project I would rather spend the time more wisely researching- as opposed to learning a new language.