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  1. LostSnow25

    What should a 2D game engine have?

    Thx for the replys! I see now what I must do :)
  2. LostSnow25

    What should a 2D game engine have?

    Right now, I just want to focus on making an engine so I can use it to test things out for my game. I prefer engines over games or rather I love making tools and effects rather than the game itself. Sorry if my first post was misleading, I did not meen for it to sound like I wanted to create a libary from scratch like SDL or DirectX or anything else. What I ment was how do I fully go about creating an engine from scratch. The engine that Im messing with is the one that comes with the book Advanced 2D Game Development. But it's in DirectX and I want to stay away from that for awhile in tell I am good enough to now what all the g_Engine->ect... do's and why they are good to use. Question 2: Also, I was wondering how to create a lib file? Since my engine so far creates 2 obj files and I need to have my program output a lib file so I can link to it.
  3. LostSnow25

    What should a 2D game engine have?

    I know that, but what if it was intended for others to be able to use it as well? Like a free 2D engine libary?
  4. Like the title says, I am puting together a list of things that a 2D game engine should contain since I am writing one at the moment. What features should it contain? Thx in advance!
  5. LostSnow25

    Best book on direct X

    Well the latest book I got was Advanced 2D Game Development. Its all in DirectX9, so far I only read the first 30 pages since 16 or so were just code for the 2d game engine. If you are into 2D then that might be a good read.
  6. LostSnow25


    Edit: Never mind fix the problem. On a side note, I am working on the engine for the game. It is still in development but I hope I can get it up and running soon for all of yall.
  7. LostSnow25


    Nice, looks cool. Is it written in OpenGL or DirectX? Also before I get out of hind and ask all sorts of questions, i'll like to say, welcome to the journals!
  8. LostSnow25

    2D Engine Map Editor

    Anyway, why not save it as a .txt file for now? Just define the types, ex: WATER_ONE = 1, RED = 2 , CAR_TYPE_ONE = 3 so on, and when it saves you'l have a nice file with row after row of numbers and all that is left is too make a loader that reades each uumber at a time and loades the file that goes with it. for (i = 0, i <= map_height, i++) { for (j = 0, j <= map_width, j++) { //Here you should have it read your map and //print the type number to the file //Then later just create a loader using the same method //but instead of writing too a file it will read from it } } Im just a noob right now in c++ so there might be a better and more efficent way too do it but thats one idea.
  9. LostSnow25

    so sad...

    Might be my mobo or hard drive, Im using an AMD cpu and ATI video card, building a new work computer using an Intel CPU, Core 2 Duo 3.0GHZ and an ATI video card, Radeon 3870. My old computer worked good for 3 months but then started crashing at random, before it died it was at the point of rebooting 2 min into startup. BIOS IS ALL MESTED UP! When I updated them I saw that a few blocks did not get written too, ex: |||||| ||||||||||| <- | is written too block and there was agap in it at the end of bios update. Even resetting bios by removing the watch batter would not reset my bios to the default build. So in a year or so when more stuff comes out for AMD, ill fix that computer with a new mobo and a new gfx and have 2 work computers going. Just sad that it died on me so quickly. :(
  10. LostSnow25

    so sad...

    Have no been able to update since my computer has completly died on me. Even after reformating it, it either freezes during windows install, or gives me a blue screen error about some Pager error on non pager object or something. I'v already starting work on a new computer that should be faster and hopefuly work for more than 4 months.... Hopefuly after I will be back and active in a month. The compute im on is old but still good enough for me to do some work on so soon ill update to Stage 2, and be posting some screenies of my prototype. Till next time!
  11. LostSnow25

    Finding the right API

    Yah DirectX would be good for what you are doing. Im currently looking into it and have just ordered the Advanced 2D Game Programming book for teaching me how to write a 2D engine in directX and other things like that. Im thinking of using models for my 2D shooter game as well. Small ones actual, since im not good at drawing and drawing sprites for every phase a character might be in as in would be a hard and messy task.
  12. LostSnow25

    2008 Retrospective and progress

    Wow, your engine keeps on getting better and beter. Keep up the good work and cant wait too see the day that version 1.0 is ready and out to the public. :)
  13. LostSnow25

    DirectX tutorials?

    Was wondering if the book Advanced 2d Game Programming is a good buy? Since I got paid and other than getting a new mobo ill be getting that book. The only thing that linked me too it is that it teaches you DirectX 9 in making a 2D game engine and some 3D stuff as well, also in DirectX 9.
  14. LostSnow25

    DirectX tutorials?

    Thx for the replys!! Now I need to memorize too some decree the full main method used with the windows header. LOTS more coding than the int main(...) one.
  15. LostSnow25

    DirectX tutorials?

    Reason? Well I want to get into DirectX so instead of limiting myself to a basic wrapper like SDL even tho it would be wasy to use I want to teach my self in using more oop and since DIrectX is oop related with it COM stuff I chose it. Using SDL would just keep me on making simple 2D stuff, using DirectX would allow me in using effects and other things and give me a start on moving up to 3D with DirectX.
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