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    Edit: Never mind fix the problem. On a side note, I am working on the engine for the game. It is still in development but I hope I can get it up and running soon for all of yall.
  2. LostSnow25


    Nice, looks cool. Is it written in OpenGL or DirectX? Also before I get out of hind and ask all sorts of questions, i'll like to say, welcome to the journals!
  3. LostSnow25

    2D Engine Map Editor

    Anyway, why not save it as a .txt file for now? Just define the types, ex: WATER_ONE = 1, RED = 2 , CAR_TYPE_ONE = 3 so on, and when it saves you'l have a nice file with row after row of numbers and all that is left is too make a loader that reades each uumber at a time and loades the file that goes with it. for (i = 0, i <= map_height, i++) { for (j = 0, j <= map_width, j++) { //Here you should have it read your map and //print the type number to the file //Then later just create a loader using the same method //but instead of writing too a file it will read from it } } Im just a noob right now in c++ so there might be a better and more efficent way too do it but thats one idea.
  4. LostSnow25

    so sad...

    Might be my mobo or hard drive, Im using an AMD cpu and ATI video card, building a new work computer using an Intel CPU, Core 2 Duo 3.0GHZ and an ATI video card, Radeon 3870. My old computer worked good for 3 months but then started crashing at random, before it died it was at the point of rebooting 2 min into startup. BIOS IS ALL MESTED UP! When I updated them I saw that a few blocks did not get written too, ex: |||||| ||||||||||| <- | is written too block and there was agap in it at the end of bios update. Even resetting bios by removing the watch batter would not reset my bios to the default build. So in a year or so when more stuff comes out for AMD, ill fix that computer with a new mobo and a new gfx and have 2 work computers going. Just sad that it died on me so quickly. :(
  5. LostSnow25

    so sad...

    Have no been able to update since my computer has completly died on me. Even after reformating it, it either freezes during windows install, or gives me a blue screen error about some Pager error on non pager object or something. I'v already starting work on a new computer that should be faster and hopefuly work for more than 4 months.... Hopefuly after I will be back and active in a month. The compute im on is old but still good enough for me to do some work on so soon ill update to Stage 2, and be posting some screenies of my prototype. Till next time!
  6. LostSnow25

    Finding the right API

    Yah DirectX would be good for what you are doing. Im currently looking into it and have just ordered the Advanced 2D Game Programming book for teaching me how to write a 2D engine in directX and other things like that. Im thinking of using models for my 2D shooter game as well. Small ones actual, since im not good at drawing and drawing sprites for every phase a character might be in as in would be a hard and messy task.
  7. LostSnow25

    2008 Retrospective and progress

    Wow, your engine keeps on getting better and beter. Keep up the good work and cant wait too see the day that version 1.0 is ready and out to the public. :)
  8. LostSnow25

    Stage 1: Update 1

    So this is my first update on the road to a 2d multi-player shooter. Thx to some help on the forum I will be using RakNet for the networking side of the game. I have not looked at it yet or the docs so I hope getting it working does not kill me in the process. Network ToDO List: Create Game: -Name Entry -Number of players -Map Connect: -Enter IP Address -Port Number Update*Decided to make it in DirectX 9* The style I choice is a side shooter so that will make thinks easyer for me on the art side. Game ToDo List: Players: -Player Sprite's Weapons: -Weapon Spec. Sheets -Weapon Sprite's Map: -Simple Map Maker -Tile Sheets Networking: -Sync. The list might still increase as I go along. I am wondering if or not to add the map maker into the program. Since ill just be making 3 or so maps for the release no nee for a map maker, but if I do then others can make their own maps then. Looks like its off to bed for me hope to be going to stage 2 in a few weeks or less.
  9. LostSnow25

    Entry 7: My Text RPG

    Gratz on finishing your first project.
  10. LostSnow25

    First part in making a game

    Yah, now it seems I must finish it since theirs people waiting lol. Im still wondering if I should write it with SDL or openGL. SLD would just be images and sprites and such, while openGL would allow for 2D effects and better gfx's.
  11. LostSnow25

    First part in making a game

    Well, after playing around with different things and some games, it would seem that I need to get back to work. Being, I am now going to start taking the organized rought than just coding while I go along. I will start working on some documents and drawings that will make up the game. Like story and the different levels and stuff like that. My goal is a 3D game but making a fun 2D game wouldn't hurt that much. My goal for it is to be a 2D, multiplayer shooter where you go around a map trying to kill your opponent. Would it be more fun to have the camera pointing down at the map or would it be more fun on the side like in old Metrod games, giving the game a platform type style. I have a general idea to what I want, still not eneough to make the game but enough to know where to go. Timeline: Stage 1: Research and Design (Time: ~2 months) Stage 2: Develement prototype (Time: 2-5 months) Stage 3: Pre-Beta status (Time: 1-2 months) Stage 4: Beta/Beta-Release (Time: ~1 month) Stage 5: Finish up (Time: ~1 month) Stage 6: Release final project Maybe I gave myself too much time in the timeline but at my level of knowledge i'll need every bit. The graphics will be the hardes since I cant draw for noodle. If I design it right then I would not need to worry about the gfx's. I'll just make it so they can be swaped out later with better ones. Wish me luck on actual FINISHING this project. I'm getting in the habit of moving to a new project right when im in the middle of another -.-
  12. LostSnow25

    Entry 1: My Text RPG

    I hope your RPG comes out ok. I wish you the best of luck ^.^
  13. LostSnow25


    Work has been getting me down. Because there is no school they have put me down for more hours(which is good but it makes it hard to code up anything when I have to go to work almost right when I get up and when Im back, Im too tired too do anything! I recently bought a book called -Game Programming ALL IN ONE Third Edition- It has some info that will help me in the 2D front and maybe in methods of creating games in general. It uses allegro which I cant get to work for anything in VC++ since it gives me errors from all of Allegros headers that this is not defined and crazy stuff like that. So Im using SDL with it instead since I have 2 months of knowledge in it already. The project Im working on at the moment is using SDL to create a pixel generator. When ran it uses rand() to generate pixels of different color randomly on the screen. Im creating my own class for making pixels and ill see how it will go from there. I have not forgotten about the OpenGL game I was going to make, but rather.. got side tracked. I would like to use knowledge I gain in making a simple 2D game to making a 3D one. Who to thought homeworld was made in openGL.. so I have encouragement that will help me throughout this.
  14. LostSnow25


    I happened to get my hands on Thinking in c++ 2nd Edition and Thinking in c++ Volume 2. Just skimming through, I learned a bit more on pointers, vectors, and even templates. I will have to take time to read it thoroughly, and revise my code as I go along. I have been thinking of creating my own menu class and other classes for this that glut just cant do. I am thinking of making the menu class abstract using the command 'virtual'. //Abstract test// class MenuControl { public: virtual void createMenu(string, string, int) const = 0; virtual void createMenu(string, int) const = 0; virtual void addEntry(string, int) const = 0; }; Im just messing around with different styles of code from the book. To test some out, i'll probably make a 2d little game engine that simply allows you to read in sprites and place them on the screen. It will allow me to experiment on making menus and toolbars and give me time to look over the book some more. Cya -Beginner in OpenGL and most of C++ as well, Richard-
  15. LostSnow25

    82% done

    thx for the help but iv found a forum that had a example of the loader and with some tinkering made it work. i updated my post with the results. I just need to find out if its the obj file that was incorrect or my draw or loader method that is buged for making a some what incomplete cube.
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